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Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 12:15am

[AION's Lore]History of Atreia

[ original thread made by Shinryo, on the CBT forums ]

for all those who may be new to the game and interested in the game's plot:

»AION's Origins

»Story of the Millennium War | Destruction of the Tower of Eternity

»Elyos Prologue

»Asmodian Prologue

:!: more infos regarding the lore can be found here: :!:

"Cataclysm: the cause"

[About Dragon Lord Ereshkigal]

"...yet Ereshkigal was also the first to sit down at the conference table when the Humans proposed peace. After hours of arduous debate, it seemed he was turning the Empyrean Lords to the Balaur viewpoint.

Then the unthinkable happened. A Human assassin attempted to drive a poisoned blade into Fregion’s back. The entire conference had been a ruse!"

[Request for peace]

"Then came the day that sent us all staggering.
Lord Israphel, one of the two Guardians of the Tower of Eternity - Lord Israphel, who despised the Dragon Lords like no other – declared that we should make peace with them. The purpose of the war, he reasoned, was not to annihilate the Balaur. It was to protect Aion.
I was astonished; astonished that one of our saviors had lost his resolve so easily, astonished that his courage and fierce determination had slipped so... so suddenly. There was consternation among the Empyrean Lords at first. At that time, even the prospect of making peace was unthinkable... a travesty. It seemed we were all of one mind. Israphel’s proposal was absurd.
And yet, it was not long before the weaker Lords showed they had never truly had the stomach for the fight, and longed for the burden of honor to be lifted from them. Lady Ariel was the first to capitulate, and with honeyed words she spoke of Israphel’s wisdom, his seniority, his bravery – bravery! – in daring to propose peace. She had the audacity to tell us how we, as Daeva, should think and act.
How quickly she and her camp followers forgot the sacrifices of a thousand years. What petty value they placed upon the shed blood of so many of our kin.

But others of the Lords still had true steel in their spirits. As a Daeva I had grown to know some of our Lords, and the one with whom I worked best was a great and dignified Lord named Azphel. His resolve was always strong, and it was on his missions that we always had the most success. His manner and his ability were an inspiration to many of us; and so when Ariel’s insipid pleading began to sway some, and I saw the grimace on Azphel’s face, I knew where my own allegiance lay. He stood to speak, and we stood with him. He berated Ariel for her disdain for the honored dead, and blasted the peace initiative as a naive and misguided waste of time.
The hall erupted with fury. It still rings in my ears... the roaring, the confusion, the words of accusation and hate, as each side rallied against the other. Beyond, I saw Israphel speaking impassioned words to Siel, who listened gravely. Israphel insisted that we could defend Aion by working towards peace, rather than through constant warfare. To my horror, Siel was nodding.
To preserve some fragment of concord, all of us agreed to depart the grand hall and leave the Twelve Empyrean Lords to their discussion. I went with comrades-in-arms who knew Lord Azphel’s side to be the only just one; but others went slinking off into the night, in the company of their fellow cowards, in groups of their own. Already we were forming into separate camps, according to whether we sided with the worthy or the weak.

We waited patiently for the outcome that night. I remember it well; I recall looking across our world, seeing plumes of fire burning in the distance, and knowing there was no way that peace would ever exist between the Balaur and us. I thought back and remembered the decades of perpetual fighting, remembered those dark soulless eyes, unblinking and unrelenting as they massacred my friends and my family, for no better reason than a simple, bestial desire for domination.
I knew Siel would reject Israphel’s proposal. I knew that Azphel would argue his case, our case, and that the others, even Lady Ariel herself, would see sense and agree. I knew this; and yet when the Empyrean Lords eventually emerged, the decision that was made shook my nerves, and left me and my legion reeling. Lady Siel had succumbed. For all our protests, she and Israphel, as Guardians of the Tower, held final authority over the Twelve. The decision was final. We were to treat with the Balaur. Already I heard Ariel’s voice raised in jubilant triumph, and the sound of her four cohorts singing some inane chant of peace.
Azphel came forth, his face pure fury. As he left, I took flight after him, a significant number of my fellow Daeva in tow."

[The Cataclysm]
"So, within days, the misguided peace conference began. As a mark of respect to the five Dragon Lords, the Aetheric Field around the tower was lowered, and they were invited inside this colossal structure for the negotiations. A lifetime passed in the space of a few minutes. I looked into the eyes of my legionnaires, and saw the mistrust and anger that our convictions had been so weak as to let these beasts, which would have us kneel before them even now, treat with us.

I turned to my most trusted centurion, and went to speak with him, when, as quick as a click of a finger, everything changed. There was shouting, confusion, a rout. One of the Balaur had fallen, and Lord Azphel was standing ready to fight, his eyes blazing.

The Balaur attacked. Voices screamed for Siel and Israphel to raise the Aetheric Field once again, but for the second time, they failed us. Lost in the tumult, they could not act in concert to defend the Tower. Under the Balaur’s raging claws and weapons, the Tower began to splinter and fragment.
I remember Israphel’s tortured face, wracked with guilt, as he directed Lord Azphel and all his Daeva legions to the north, while Siel marshalled Ariel and hers to the south. There was one remaining hope. Working in two groups, one at each end of the Tower, the Empyrean Lords would do all in their power to prevent the Tower’s collapse.

We held fast. Those in the South, we now know, did not.
In an instant our world was plunged into darkness as the tower’s light was snuffed out. The people turned, screaming as they
ran in all directions.
I remember that moment as though it were yesterday; I remember looking up and watching shards of the tower snapping and falling, illuminated only by the flickering light of the great structure. I remember standing there, rooted to the spot as a huge fragment splintered from the tower, and began to fall towards me. I remember that day well... it was the day I found the other gift that being a Daeva granted me: immortality.
I awoke, looked across our great world, and saw Atreia shattered into two halves. The lower half had been engulfed in a fierce and bright light, while ours had been plunged into cold, desolate darkness.

The peace conference was over."


Tuesday, August 14th 2012, 3:22pm

as we're busy with the maintenance and 3.0 is almost here, guess it's time to update some content:

»3.0 Elyos Campaign Intro

»3.0 Asmodian Campaign intro

sadly, i haven't found any english version for the asmodian cutscenes, but since you'll have to actually play the game in order to see both versions, it's not a big deal after all.

will update the thread whenever i find the english version of the asmodian one, along with other stuff.

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Tuesday, August 21st 2012, 4:43am

Thanks for posting this.. I've been wondering if there is any good places to read about the reian lore?
I just read the book of elyos / asmo and they were really fun, I would like to read about the reians in the same way. I've only got a tiny bit of info from a quest.

I did google about a quest that was to make a book for the Reians for the sanctum library, I did it and was very disappointed to find I didn't receive a copy of the book.

Also if there would be any way to read the lore of the campaign quests again online that'd be great. I skipped through a lot because when grouping you cant just sit around and read. When I go back on those they usually say like "you did this and that for this person" but dont really provide the dialog or journal type feel to it.



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Monday, September 10th 2012, 6:11pm

If your in the mood you can look for "Taro's Lifebane's" story book. Its usually obtained after completing a few chain quests in beshmundir templer, or you can try googling for it. Worst case i can make some screen shots i believe if i manage to find where i keep mine xD
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Wednesday, September 12th 2012, 6:45am

I obtained the biography lore book of Taros after defeating him in BT from quest.

Also I will try to explain what happened new in 3.0 main lore, from Asmodian side.

After Tiamat got Siel´s Relics in the last campaign and it was somehow removed from her hands again, there was established a protector for the relics, with who U met in the last Sarpan campaign, when you counterattacked the Balaur hoping to take relics from her. The protector then chosen U instead of Elyos daeva to carry the power of Siel´s relics in order to be able to destroy Tiamat. Meanwhile, U have been called to somekind of abyss fissure again where u met with Israphel/Lephar. In Tiamaranta, he appeared again, and after you destroyed one of Tiamat´s incarnations in Heart of petrification siege u were awarded with a respectfull title and expected to be ready for another quests yet to come.



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Thursday, November 29th 2012, 10:52pm

»Aion 3.5 Tiamat's death

Turn of sound ,if u don't want hear the raid TS.. From 24-min 17 sec..

In short , u beat Tiamat (exactly u seal her relics) with your fellow Emperyan Lord. Kahrun comes back from the future (Tiamat sent him on a trip to the future lol with Siel's relics ,who were the Lady of Time how unexpected power from her relics.. ^^). Then Isaphrel arrives and ruins the victory. He steals the relics like a candy from a kid. End of Tiamat arc continued in 3.5 campaing (Isaphrel's plans will be revealed ,sadly i can't post it coz it don't works on NA sadly atm.. ) and devs said other Dragon Lords will enter the scene in 4.0.

Lots of the cutscenes Drakoken , feel free to browse and put some up here.

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Sunday, December 9th 2012, 1:17am

»4.0 random cutscene

»Torture 4.0, full cutscene "lady in that video is vritra (shes running the new dredgion) and the lord is probably beritra"

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Sunday, December 9th 2012, 6:49pm

Last Campaing Cutscenes:

Possible lore spoilers - read at your own peril!
Btw, this will be highly lore relevant. I've noticed at 1:48, the asmo female sin says towards the end of her phrase "Nezekan" and he (ely templar) answers her back with "Triniel" at the begging of his phrase. Their classes fit the both lords. And even their appearence is similar to this previous wallpaper:

Seems like the rumors of them being lovers had truth into it. :whistling:
I'm just wondering why they appearences seem so normal when compared to Marchutan and Kaisinel's that even have their own outfits and at huge in size, even in their not transformed form.



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Sunday, December 9th 2012, 7:58pm

They were ,if u did the story of the Red Sky Legion q... U will reveal they were lovers ,however the guy who gave the task will retreat from releasing this book.. His life would be in danger by the shadow executors so this secret is only known by you and him+ the lords..

Kahrun's playground.

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Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 2:35am

»Emperyan Lord's Command ely/asmo

»The Truth Revealed ,Israphel's true motives(ely)


Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 9:23am

So Kahrun (aka 13 -een lord) is the son of Triniel (asmo) and Nezekan (ely) - Israphel plotted to destroy the tower - Siel was alive all this time and waiting to punish Israphel when he would try to use her again...

Tiamat is dead now, so the other 4 Dragon Lords will step on - Bad Beritra...Bad....torturing that balaur guard (Tiamat's guard) ^_^ ....



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Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 11:34am

13th is the one who defeated Tiamat with a certain lord... who beaten Hellion, etc.. I think the 13 th is the asmo player.. or could be the ely player too if we agree in that ely player comes back from death technically ,but there is a error , on ely side we are old really .. really old we commanded the Mirage Legion and served Yustiel.. in Kramantis we got beaten by a mere Brigade General
... However I wonder if Yustiel will recognize us if we meet with her, still the other lords don't recognize us if we are ely however we were one of the most powerful daevas.. Logic? :D

Israphel is just a fool I thought he discovered u are the 13th and thats why he wanted to keep u so close.. (However maybe in the asmo video he does something different ,but I doubt..) His motivation were the relics only... Btw Siel babling about Aion's will...

That Dragon is Berita btw.. the guy in 4.0 campaing vid. That chick is a mystery maybe just a officer.. However Eresqikal should appear , possible ally in the future.. He is a calm person with keen intelect so...

He supported the peace back then , the TRUE peace. Both sides are the victims of Israphel and Berita . However I think that human assasin who wanted slay Fregion were Israphels follower..

»Commander of the Mirage Legion

"You were the Brigade General of a Special Ops force, the Mirage Legion, answering only to Yustiel(?), and so great was your prowess in battle that the people of Sanctum hailed you as "the Thirteenth Empyrean Lord".

Your legion had been plagued by a series of failed ops. Esus discovered that the traitor was Icaronix, but was too late to stop your deployment on a mission that was set up in response to false intelligence provided by Icaronix.

In the Abyss, at a place called Karamatis, your legion was ambushed and, after an incredible battle with a Nagarant General of the Balaur forces, "something" happened. You appeared to release some incredible force and, afterwards, you apparently lost your memory and awoke in Poeta as a Mercenary recruit.

After you were gone, Icaronix deceived and murdered Esus to cover his tracks.

As you recover your memories you discover that Icaronix is, in fact, a Lepharist. More, Esus was also serving two masters as he was a member of an organization known only as The Shadow. The Shadow Elders are apparently a group of Elyos and Asmodian Daevas that believe that Atreia can be re-united and made whole again, and that the Elyos and Asmodian should not be fighting each other.

You set out to destroy the traitor, Betrayer Icaronix, finally tracking him to Azoturan."

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Tuesday, December 11th 2012, 1:18pm

They were ,if u did the story of the Red Sky Legion q... U will reveal they were lovers ,however the guy who gave the task will retreat from releasing this book.. His life would be in danger by the shadow executors so this secret is only known by you and him+ the lords..

Indeed I searched everywhere for that story as I didn't recalled any of it. I'm an asmodian and the only Red Sky Legion (Triniel's own Legion) quests that we have are related to Brusthonin and how they died there, fighting against Beritra's corruption, and subsequent Villaire's Treason that will lead to campaigns inside Adma.
I did found that book on AionWiki yesterday and that was the first time that me and a lot of friends ever read that story. After that, that 4.0 Campaign makes a lot more sense, and I can only imagine the implication/consequences that will come from it. :love:


Siel was alive all this time and waiting to punish Israphel when he would try to use her again...

I don't think Siel is alive. I believe Siel did died while trying to protect the tower and the only thing that remains of her are her Relics, which is what you ear in the scene, her Relics serving as an embodiment for her Spirit to speak. Seems she had some affection for Israphael as well. :rolleyes:


13th is the one who defeated Tiamat with a certain lord... who beaten Hellion, etc.. I think the 13 th is the asmo player.. or could be the ely player too

I honestly hope they don't make the player (amos or elys) into the 13th empyrean lord. In that aspect I much rathered Kahrun to be one if there is indeed need of one.
All those victorys that the player has achieved are always due to external factors and not due to the player's own skill/power:
1 - The player defeated Hellion due to being contaminated by Beritra's Power, following Adma's Campaings.
2 - The player defeated Tiamat due to having Siel's Relics.

I'm sure the events on the ely side will be similar. I know that the game is designed to hint that we, the players are or will be the 13th empyrian lord, but quite honestly we can't even start to compare what our power is now, to those of the Empyrean Lords. See that in 4.0 asmo campaing the player is easy defeated by Nezekan's power (although he did survived a couple of hits) and that if it wasn't that Reian teleporting us out of there, Beritra would have us for dinner. At this moment, it's to early to have any kinds of certains about who will be the 13th empyrean lord. :S


That Dragon is Berita btw.. the guy in 4.0 campaing vid. That chick is a mystery maybe just a officer.. However Eresqikal should appear , possible ally in the future.. He is a calm person with keen intelect so...

He supported the peace back then , the TRUE peace. Both sides are the victims of Israphel and Berita . However I think that human assasin who wanted slay Fregion were Israphels follower..

Yeah I though it was strange that an asmodean has a full black mane unlike the colored mane turning into white that we usually have. I wonder what kind of deal do we players have with him, since he appears right after Triniel and Nezekan leave with Kahrun and somehow we were tricked into giving him what seems to be a powerfull weapon.

To end my reply, as an asmodean, and due to the revelations from Israphael, I hereby take this chance to clean Azphel's name from the Ely assumption that he was the one who broke the peace conference. Azphel HAD a reason to strike donw Beritra and Israphel just confirmed it. Actually Azphel might as well saved the remaining empyrean lords from death to Beritra and Israphael's hands. :thumbsup:

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Thursday, May 16th 2013, 5:17pm

awesome...time to learn some more info about...Thank you making it so well to read^_^



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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 1:55pm


»Aion 4.0 Campaign- The Tale of Hyperion(ely)


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Monday, September 9th 2013, 2:07pm

Please check some of the links in the OT, they are broken.


Monday, September 9th 2013, 2:36pm

change *.uk.* to *.na.* and they will

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