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Saturday, July 20th 2013, 9:24am

I keep getting error "E02016"

When updating, at 12%, I get error "E02016" everytime. I am installing the game on "L:\", here is the report

<< OS >>
OS Version : Windows 7
ServicePack : Service Pack 1
Major Minor Build Version : 6.1.7601

<< System >>
32bit OS
Page Size : 4096 B
Active Processor Mask : 3
Number Of Processor : 2
Processor Type : 586
Processor Level : 15
Processor Revision : 1027
Processor Speed : 3006 MHz

<< Memory >>
70% of memory in use.
Total Physical Memory : 1534 MB
Avail Physical Memory : 448 MB
Total Paging File : 3565 MB
Avail Paging File : 2162 MB
Total User Address Space : 2047 MB
Avail User Address Space : 1991 MB

<< Disk Storage >>
Drive Name : C:\
Volume Name :
Total Byte : 111.69 GB
Used Byte : 94.61 GB
Available Byte : 17.08 GB

Drive Name : L:\
Volume Name : Book
Total Byte : 232.88 GB
Used Byte : 16.83 GB
Available Byte : 216.06 GB

<< Dns Query >>
Update Server
Name :
Address :
Name :
Address :
Name :
Address :

Repository Server

<< FileInfoFile Hash Value >>
File Name :
Hash Value : 1c1f1b0976baee38846c3f3c85e9a421d930505c
File Name : FileInfoMap_AION-LIVE_23.dat
Hash Value : 663222c06bd022bd78271e148938b348ccd7d7c0

<< Error Message >>
[Update error] Not enough storage space available.
Please check the storage space and run the launcher again.

Any ideas?


Saturday, July 20th 2013, 8:51pm

run as admin and remove aion.bin from task manager

Content Creator & Moderator of the Aion subforum on a different site which I cant name anymore.

If you have any game related questions, send me a message


Wednesday, July 24th 2013, 11:43am

Ok, I'll give it a try :)


aion.bin doee not seem to appear in task manager when I run Game Forge Live as admin.

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Saturday, July 27th 2013, 11:26am

Where exactly can I find aion.bin?. Thnx in advanced :)


Went deeper into the forum looking for info, found out my HDD might be damaged, checking it right now.


Checked my HDD with "HD Tune 2.55" and it had 24% of the blocks damaged :(. Good thing is not my main HDD. I'll try to fix this.


Gave Format("fast format" unchecked) to my HDD, took almost one & a half day. Was able to re-install Guild Wars 1 (all campaigns and expansion) and log in. I'll try to install Aion now.
It seems that if launcher insists with error "E02016" while having enough storage space, one might have a damaged HDD, but I'm not 100% sure.


Even though I was able to log into Guild Wars, I wasn't able to play it "correctly"(extremely bumpy/laggy) & the game had to repair its files every time I launched it. So I'm calling it, HDD is dead.


Downloaded & installed client and game in "C"(my main Drive/HDD), everything went perfect, no problems. So in my case, error "E02016"(as I suspected before) was triggered by my faulty HDD.

Since I was able to download & install the game correctly, I no longer need help and state the issue as being solved.

Thanks to Divinelysian for posting the suggestion.

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