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[PvPvE Event] Go Hunt, Daeva! 17.01.-31.01.2018



Veteran rewards redeem



newbie lvl 66 who has no idea what to do



Pinned 6.0 First Info



SM 6.0 Skill changes



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  • Dimple -

    Replied to the thread [PvPvE Event] Go Hunt, Daeva! 17.01.-31.01.2018.

    can you explain me where is the pvp content in this event ? xD
  • Dimple -

    Replied to the thread Veteran rewards redeem.

    and after so much time to find the items that you want now we have a 2nd problem.You cant select - take all items when express mails arrived but you need to take the items 1 by 1 :P I wonder how hard will be those guys that making the website to put a…
  • Nagrio -

    Liked Livo’s post in the thread 6.0 First Info.

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    80lvl after 3 days without tryharding. Actually made 19-78 just yesterday. Until 75lvl and getting into end-game map we have to complete all the quests, because there aren't many and it gives a lot of experience. For sure it's much faster way of leveling…
  • eyvind -

    Liked Helkeheri’s post in the thread 6.0 First Info.

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    @[NICK]n00b Sure, everything can be explained with lore. Ereshkigal farted one, so sanctum is gone. They can justify it however they want. I will still miss the old content, and all the quests that made the story what it is. Anyone that starts the game…
  • Seles -

    Replied to the thread newbie lvl 66 who has no idea what to do.

    i decided to move to antriksha, how do i reach you Sophisticated? Thank you very much for the kind offer. I wasnt able to move my main to antriksha for some reason all my characters are locked in and greyed out because of no faction conflict? so you cant…
  • Elano -

    Replied to the thread 6.0 First Info.

  • t0re -

    Replied to the thread SM 6.0 Skill changes.

    Quote from skuallaion: “wondering if dots caps are still limited in 6.0 ” you mean debuffs status bar?
  • t0re -

    Replied to the thread Assassin 6.0 Changes.

    ye but i am not speaking about the buff % for example. Its more like the runes get partially deleted, u loose killers eye and spelldodghing , basically what made the assasin what it used to be. The new one looks like squishy gladiator without KD to…
  • Dmi3 -

    Liked Helkeheri’s post in the thread 6.0 First Info.

    Like (Post)…02f8c2a49cc2fdfea069e3267 Quote from Balthazar: “Quote from Elenaie: “On a seperate note I have news and confirmation from a korean streamer: HOARD YOUR KINAH AND DONT SPEND NOW ” Why exactly what we get as…
  • Avanill -

    Replied to the thread Templar 6.0 changes.

    List updated: -Devanion skills -Bloodstorm slash -Punishment -Break power/ judgment blow - Some details about specific skill effects added -Added passive skills