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Dont Break 6.0 - 6.2 -6.5






shugo event /Gold medal 50 key



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  • Shaoron -

    Liked Aura’s post in the thread Dont Break 6.0 - 6.2 -6.5.

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    Aion had more players than guild wars currently have. It's just that they actually didnt treat them like cows so their players stayed. Aion would be a much more popular game atm if the providers weren't so greedy in every region
  • kkk -

    Replied to the thread Dont Break 6.0 - 6.2 -6.5.

    dogs barking at wall that's what happen on the forum :D no point to try hard since most of u are sheeps and still stick to the game ofc they will make u pay the price . i wish all of u to be healthy and feed aion eu for more years in the future xD…
  • Konstantinos -

    Replied to the thread ONE MEGA SERVER.

    BAD BAD BAD BAD idea lag , language problem server health problem and more no way y suggestions are...
  • Neryth -

    Liked ScreamCheese’s post in the thread Show us your character's FACE.

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  • [NICK]ciotau -

    Replied to the thread shugo event /Gold medal 50 key.

    who is wasting money ? not me for sure. i think i have more than 1 ,5 year since i didnt buy from the shop (only gold pack ) 1. i want only that people to know the rates of drop 2 i want that they see we have videos about how they make the events ( drop…
  • Erik -

    Liked Click’s post in the thread shugo event /Gold medal 50 key.

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    Why is every other event a guy like that, for the past 6.5 years xD Stop wasting ur time and money on events man, it’s simply not worth it.