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To be new on deyla



Current Servers' Faction Balance(not suggestion thread)



Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread



[updated tittle] I used +200 LEGENDARY enchanting stones to try enhace my weapon to ultimate from +10 to... +10. What do i do?



[Discussion Thread] Snow in Atreia 12.12.2018-09.01.2019



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  • Evita -

    Replied to the thread To be new on deyla.

    Quote from Daywalker: “Quote from Evita: “did i miss something? so far its only bout transfers from ereshkigal ” Just go to your account managing to see which servers can transfer. For example nergal is not allowed but some olders yes can do…
  • Keymaker -

    Replied to the thread Current Servers' Faction Balance(not suggestion thread).

    Quote from magebaby: “Quote from xSaidou: “yea, most of antriksha ely came to deyla and we have the opposite situation. asmo:ely - 1:3 Merge antriksha with deyla? ” i hope this will happen someday in the future.. gets kinda boring getting my…
  • Xuai -

    Liked Vichel1’s post in the thread Discussion Elyos LFG for Dungeons and Camps.

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    Hello! I'm an Elyos assassin (yes we still exist...) and would love to get to know more of my server. If you want to team up to do instances/pvp or pve/roam around and kill asmos/whatever, feel free to add me in game and shoot me a message. It would be…
  • Mika -

    Liked Rym’s post in the thread [Discussion Thread] Hungry Magpie 12.12.2018-09.01.2019.

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    ...Why?axjt7AB.png It's painfully obvious at this point the event maker doesn't play this game. @Galeas
  • Vichel1 -

    Replied to the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

    The enchantment rates are messed up indeed. Today I tried enchanting my ANCIENT pvp dagger to +15 and after 200 ancient stones and 20 legendary I decided to give up on enchanting until 6.5. In the daeva tavern they said that getting good equipment…
  • Mika -

    Liked Nuke’s post in the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

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    I've already brought up some feedback in the past weeks and months but here's a summary - Enchantment stones and gear enchanting: can be done only with great amounts of stones. We need more enchantment stones, both legendary and ultimate. All in all, it…
  • Mika -

    Liked Neverfelt’s post in the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

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    Sorry i made 7 topics, but i'll try not to make them very long. Transformations: Nobody asked to hand them free endgame transfomrations, but an ancient one is the minimum a player should have imo. Compare the speed / attack speed / cast speed a…
  • Mika -

    Liked Sejaa’s post in the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

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    honest review and suggestion from someone playing active in pvp and pve with a more and more vanishing ray of hope that things might change to better. Most important thing: -Enchantment Stones currently it is way too hard to enchant your gear or even…
  • Nicoffsolo -

    Replied to the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

    You mess every patch.... the worst thing of Aion is the enchantement system... and you even make it worse. You need tons of money or time to enchant something: Gear, stigmas, etc. but u dont give enough resources to get the items. This system sucks and…
  • What baffles me the most is how gameforge keeps tells us about wanting to be very similar to aion kr but then nerfs 90% of the content and calls it EU version. Shop items and rng boxes = super expensive, events = nerfed, contracts/enchant rate = oh no…