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Lucky Dice



Pinned [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer



How to have fun in Aion?? [short time playing, beginner level]



Cleric PvP [Aion 6.2]



What stigma to +9?



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  • ronon1983 -

    Replied to the thread Lucky Dice.

    thx for the replys
  • kesLV -

    Replied to the thread [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    Quote from Sorayami: “Quote from kesLV: “Just reached crafting level 200 and wanted to craft ''Legendary Rubrum magic wings'', but looked at the stats and they are worst than my ancient garden wing stats even bein purple wings? O.o why so, is garden…
  • g.raff -

    Replied to the thread How to have fun in Aion?? [short time playing, beginner level].

    Thanks for the advice! I realise that what I am asking can be quite cheeky. Yes, the problem is complex as I ought to consider the many, many variables that come into play, decide which "goals" I have etc. But I do have a goal. I want to have fun. It's…
  • Siqural -

    Replied to the thread Cleric PvP [Aion 6.2].

    Thank you Senpai! ^^
  • efiku -

    Liked Senpai’s post in the thread Question lucky dice event.

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    There are 4 different boards that will change (they wont change when using a gold pack) Please use the event thread for any further questions about this topic. [Discussion Thread] Lucky Dice 12.12.2018-09.01.2019 :closed:
  • Bob -

    Replied to the thread Skills What stigma to +9?.

    Quote from Mika: “2) If you don't have a good cast speed form it is NOT possible to Ripple Nightmare Scream. You can do it with a 20% / 25% cast form AND healing wave up. Or you can do it same as before with a legendary form with 35% cast. Also get…
  • Bob -

    Liked Mika’s post in the thread Skills What stigma to +9?.

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    Quote from aclericfromthor: “Thank you for the answers. :o Yes I think I'll kick it out and I'll use Lightningbolt of Retaliation instead, it's true there is an overlapping with the vision. :o I know that +9 is enough for the slots, but what about the…
  • Enjoykin -

    Replied to the thread How to have fun in Aion?? [short time playing, beginner level].

    Quote from Vichel1: “chanter are simpler classes to play in terms of mechanics ” Very high quality commentary, immediately felt an experienced player. 8o
  • [NICK]papichulo -

    Liked Rym’s post in the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

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    I could also add that implementation of further ways of acquiring enchantment stones is not necessary if appropriate steps are done to ensure fair gear progression. Because the RNG is much more forgiving, and it is much easier to enchant an item up to…
  • [NICK]papichulo -

    Replied to the thread Crazed anomos.

    im not talking about where the boss gets killed. where it spawns, dont be a liar magebaby cause i saw where it spawns and it spawns directly in front of elyos base. while asmos have to move out of base for quite a bit. i agree with desperation, the boss…