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Honour points issue






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Moon Festival Results



Leveling up a cleric questions



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  • [NICK]papichulo -

    Liked Wolx’s post in the thread [Discussion Thread] Moon Festival.

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    This event is promoting veganism.
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread Honour points issue.

    I bet the losing team will win a fort soon with these xforms. To put more salt on the wounds, all these xformers are AFK players.
  • Wixi -

    Liked Galeas’s post in the thread Regarding the situation with Kinahs in-game..

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    Kinah drop event (active until further notice) : - You will loot 500 000 kinah on the last boss of the Mirash Refuge - You will loot 6 000 000 kinah on the last boss of the Prometun's Workshop (equally divided between party members) - You will loot 3 000…
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread PVP GEAR ENCHANTING.

    From +9 I went straightforward down to +2. Damn my stubborness hoping for succeeds.
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Moon Festival.

    200 bags used, not a single minced meat. Such a delightful event, all it did for me was filling inventory space.
  • [NICK]papichulo -

    Liked Adartaer’s post in the thread Concerning the 24/10/2018 maintenance.

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    So they don't need NC Soft to fix it...
  • Templar -

    Replied to the thread Moon Festival Results.

    On my glad 2 meat : result : 1 kisk + 1 skin ( unsellable on broker and vendor ) which i had to dump on the floor cuz ugly af costume skin . On templar : 0 meat . Another great EU GF ‘event’ that literally gave NOTHING . GF give the word event a…
  • Elysorrow -

    Replied to the thread Leveling up a cleric questions.

    You might use MP only if you have opened manastones slots on a gear that you plan to use and you have nothing else to put in there and because you can buy MP +144 for like 500-1000 kinah from broker (last week prices on Antriksha). Some more MP can't…
  • Applepie -

    Liked Alucinor’s post in the thread Bug/ Weird stuff reports 6.0 Beta.

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    Quote from Rym: “Your RAM usage has reached it's limits. On windows 7 you can see aion using up all of your RAM if it's running long enough, up to 10GB RAM usage after 10 hours of playing. Fix: restart client. On windows 10 it is not visible unless…
  • derezzerdawn -

    Liked Galeas’s post in the thread General Event Discussion Thread.

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    Quote from Balthazar: “We were promised transformation available through events and shugo game up! coincidence I think not!Thank you Galeas and the Team voices heard more people leaving *cough* commin back bugs for everyone ” It' s in the Halloween…