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Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?



plz add more entry to holy tower / naratalli per week .. 4 run per week is very low amount of entry



Pinned [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer



[Nergal Elyos] Max's Premade


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  • Balthazar -

    Replied to the thread Any ETA on fixing cross server issues?.

    Just let the storm calm down and they will simply skip it xD
  • Quote from [NICK]rahnxah: “If you dont find things to do you probably are still running with half ancient gear around XD There is plenty of things to do besides instances. ” like what? Nara,ht,makarna,prom can be done let's say Max 2 days.Garrisons…
  • Wolx -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    Currently there's an event that gives a bit of ancient transform potions (random tho) and with 10 pumpkins you can try you luck on getting a contract, check the halloween event page but I think it's a bit late it ends in 2 days. You will get 2 free…
  • Z|A|C|H -

    Posted the thread [Nergal Elyos] Max's Premade.

    Hey guys! Currently we are looking for an active Sorcerer | Bard | or Spiritmaster to join our premade for Prometun with a possibility of joining Makarna too (in our friend's premade). We PREFER if you could join the legion too and talk on Discord! Our…
  • Xanoa -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    Quote from Colombiana: “@Galeas I little read a bit NA forum and find something nice. There is possibility when u buy bundle from 50 contracts u got 1 ancient 100% somthing like reward. Can u please forward this and before all think to there is 1…
  • SneakyGerald -

    Replied to the thread Contracts.

    Quote from jehova: “Quote from Rym: “I'd say he used his luck for the entire 6.x expansion with all it's enchants included. ” That's what I thought mate, turns out it was just a lucky day, I +13->15 my legendary bow with one enchant the same day…
  • Alucinor -

    Replied to the thread platinerk E.T.A?.

    Quote from Griver83: “Quote from Psycho: “Feel like Platinerek will be a mess. Just like HQ :) ” If there will be no ultimate stones, it will be mess ” There won't be for sure, and very likely way too low quantity of legendary stones too, likely same…
  • Trinzer -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    Just come back to the game after a few months out, is there anything i can farm for "decent" transformation potions? I noticed potions drop from monsters but all i had so far is crap ones. I can barely play this game now that they taken out scrolls and…
  • Z|A|C|H -

    Replied to the thread Faction Lock For Nergal Asmodians.

    @Galeas its been over a month and nothing has been done and nothing has been heard from your side. What is gonna happen?