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Pinned [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer



[Discussion Thread] Gathering fever in Kumuki Hideout - 06.06.-04.07.2018



Looking to get back on this drug. When is 6.0?



Sematariux + Padmarashka



Some gearing/enchanting and EU questions



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  • Sophisticated -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    just Saturday and Sunday u can do 10k hp doing arena of glory even if come third or fourth place. Do daily nosrsa pvp rifting for an extra 100 a day, 3 dredgion runs a day - BMR ( can raise ur blood pressure so care ) Siege & Runat. minimum 700 HP a day.…
  • Spyro -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    Will the elite reward continue to exist in the next patch ? What about the gold pack ?
  • Spyro -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Gathering fever in Kumuki Hideout - 06.06.-04.07.2018.

    Quote from Kery: “Quote from Spyro: “Hahahahahahahahahahaha someone already blessed the bracelet and have it to +9, if it was a mistake, you are in trouble hahahahhahahah. ” and you have seen the original enhanced bracelet? At trade/broker etc. :) not only…
  • Sita -

    Replied to the thread Looking to get back on this drug. When is 6.0?.

    Quote from Galeas: “Here you can find the status of the main topics currently Last update: 23.05 Topic: Server Merge =>Was done on 25.04. More info: here. All requested transfers were done and we started performing the forced transfers. We will…
  • Raidon -

    Posted the thread Looking to get back on this drug. When is 6.0?.

    Hello, I've quit Aion about 6 months ago but it seems old habbits never die. Even though patch 5 was the worst patch in Aion history, I still managed to have alot of fun with my friends in it. Right now I'm thinking to come back but I don't want to…
  • Lahire -

    Liked Melkor’s post in the thread Some gearing/enchanting and EU questions.

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    Quote from t0re: “that depends on what they want to actually do and how experienced are they as "gamers" but generally not having enchanted armor means u have a lot less hp and if phys class a loooooot less dmg too my asmo sorc is struggling coz i dont…
  • Med -

    Liked [NICK]heeyitsme’s post in the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

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    Can we get the Ice Skate motion in shop? I don't understand why It isn't there. All the others are. And It's a pretty old item now.
  • Fregion -

    Replied to the thread Sematariux + Padmarashka.

    Hello, There is nothing special/new when you combine those items.
  • Arogant -

    Posted the thread Sematariux + Padmarashka.

    Hello, I looking for someone with access to test server and ability to create items. What i want to check is merge 2 2-handed weapons for example: Padmarashka's Spear Sematariux's Spear I was curious since 2.0 what is effect of these weapons. You can…