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Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect






My idea of saving the game/fixing transformations.



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  • sharlata -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 First Info.

    Quote from adyadryan1992: “Lots of kinah from Luna. ” yep. i got 1 000 kinah. u rich atm.
  • sharlata -

    Liked Noraj’s post in the thread 6.2 First Info.

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    from what I saw u can get ultimate stone from top ranking in AOD and coop / siege (1 ultimate or 2 legendary) but doesnt matter since u can't really enchant anything above +10, those enchant rate are so garbage it makes you wanna quit
  • Xanoa -

    Liked Shiemysan’s post in the thread 6.2 GLORY POINTS.

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    XD You rly cry for Ranking on New dead Servers lmao. Its awesome like This because now You Need to be active and play all Sieges, and if You cant You will not Fall just disapear a week, Idk why ppl now cry for This haha first all cry hp are to easy to…
  • Rett -

    Replied to the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Quote from Kumi: “Quote from Leo: “You know guys sometimes is better not to tell anything if that´s going to be destructive? FYI: I know I´m lucky but I got a Tarha (ancient) transformation on my scroll from the gold ingots, later I had normal…
  • iduk -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 GLORY POINTS.

    Quote from Sophisticated: “improved system to the rankings ” Interesting. What is the improofment for the raking? There is none.
  • Hashtag -

    Liked Noctis’s post in the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

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    @Galeas see, gotta give ppl forms without any greed whatsoever or bb aion And soon Forms are simply a bad thing to try and make money from. Just go yolo and put them everywhere
  • Hashtag -

    Replied to the thread My idea of saving the game/fixing transformations..

    Hei, can you put some pvp materials in a rng box with 100 items so cashers will be happy and you earn loads of money from east site. But for the love of god, give all players legendary or old scrolls back. Gear you can farm you know ? Moving as a slow…
  • Konstantinos -

    Replied to the thread Ideas for a better faction balance.

    Quote from Kirameki: “They should just merge the server. Playing on my Elyos there is like a ghosttown. My guess though is that the new server Nergal will be merged into Antri one day. Not even a faction incentive can save Antri Elyos right…
  • Snukye -

    Replied to the thread Question [Question Thread] Quick Question => Short answer.

    About starter pack, does it still have the 2 characters limit?