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Ereskighal Server Transfer



[updated tittle] I used +200 LEGENDARY enchanting stones to try enhace my weapon to ultimate from +10 to... +10. What do i do?



New class in Aion?



[Promo] Treasure Chest Event - 05.12.2018-16.01.2019



Prometun stats ?



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  • Grimmzard -

    Replied to the thread Ereskighal Server Transfer.

    So all Elyos will come Deyla and Asmodians will go Antrishka and they will just overpopulate already overpopulated server with those factions ??
  • I just saw the new DAEVA'S TAVERN.. Really ..... reallllly you don't whant to see ppl to end game ... I already see ppl with full ultimate half of gear+15 2 shotting me....ME that I am stuck with 2 legendarys only and rest +10 ancients .... I broken over
  • Keymaker -

    Replied to the thread New class in Aion?.

    Quote from failboat: “Quote from DarkWolf: “I think a publisher is always happy to release new content, so it may attract new players/customers. But, then again, who knows what mechanics lie underneath the legal accord between the two parties (ncsoft…
  • Parra -

    Replied to the thread [Promo] Treasure Chest Event - 05.12.2018-16.01.2019.

    Quote from Lemonzz: “80 chests and one key.... nice rate, indeed (killed 3000 mobs +) ” This events are made for cash shop,sadly we will not having things for free here.
  • Vashiro -

    Liked Galeas’s post in the thread Character Transfer/Server Ereskighal.

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    As the server has a very low population right now and a merge would take quite some time, we decided to offer a free character transfer for Ereshkigal characters. You will be able to register for a character transfer starting tomorrow. The actual…
  • Nagrio -

    Liked Parra’s post in the thread New class in Aion?.

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    Quote from Xuemi: “it's worth to wait ;) ” Its not worth waithing ,i play a lvl 80 Painter on Korea have all skills its a class that should not be added to Aion the skills look allot as a sorcerer only new animation ofc some are new, like a sorcerer it…