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Pinned 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread



Legendary Keberium



What stigma to +9?



How to have fun in Aion?? [short time playing, beginner level]


Lucky Dice



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  • Lyneza90 -

    Replied to the thread 6.0 Feedback/ Collection Thread.

    We have made countless suggestions since 6.2 hit the servers on how to improve your game. Why are you asking us now? Did you ignore all our feedback before, or do you want to give us false hope once again? Nevertheless i will try to point out your…
  • xSaidou -

    Replied to the thread Legendary Keberium.

    Current timer for deyla, they will spawn in 1 hr from now / My local time is 00:27 GMT/UTC +1
  • terent -

    Replied to the thread Skills What stigma to +9?.

    i have decided that enchanting stigmas is too expensive to do it for all of them. And because you really dont need 2 extra slots on support spec, but on the dps spec in pvp its really OP, I ve decided to focus on just that. It helps that good green pvp…
  • g.raff -

    Posted the thread How to have fun in Aion?? [short time playing, beginner level].

    Hello everyone! I want to play Aion over the weekend, but find myself a bit overwhelmed by the changes. With no trace of false modesty, I must admit that I am VERY bad at playing [3D games mess with my brain, because I never see the enemy coming1]. I…
  • Mika -

    Replied to the thread Skills What stigma to +9?.

    Quote from Psycho: “Guys , how did u manage to enchant stigma from 0 lvl to +9 :d? Always when im trying to enchant above lvl 4-5 , and it fails it brings me to 0. xD Im open for sugestions :3 ” You're from Nergal so I assume you weren't playing…
  • Griver83 -

    Replied to the thread Lucky Dice.

    Quote from Click: “Just allocate the bundle from shop and keep them in ur mail. That way nothing will disappear, unless Gameforge decides they clear bags with dice every week, which they didn’t announce, so they shouldn’t. ” You can keep it in…
  • g.raff -

    Liked failboat’s post in the thread What class worth playing 6.0.

    Like (Post)
    Best class to play in 6.0 is wallet warrior.
  • Mika -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    They used to make videos of the skins.... or at least take screens. Anyway:
  • Wolx -

    Replied to the thread Bring back Esterra.

    Esterra was nice but it's problem was it didn't make it in most people hearts as a momerable map just because of how 5.x was designed, and the overall gameplay in that map, it ruined the experience, the story didn't help too, so even doing the campaigns…
  • esset23 -

    Replied to the thread Skills What stigma to +9?.