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[Discussion Thread] Lucky Dice 12.12.2018-09.01.2019



Legendary Keberium



Request a mini patch for changing Aethertech Armour from Chain to Plate before patch 7.0



Daeva Skills - Random and Fixed



Pinned General Event Discussion Thread



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  • Nuke -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Lucky Dice 12.12.2018-09.01.2019.

    Love the one containing the gold pack, so far great event
  • Wolx -

    Replied to the thread Legendary Keberium.

    World Bosses that spawn in fixed places in Lakrum, you see them in the map (a pink monster logo like for invasions) but the thing is, there's always group of people at the spawn place before the boss spawns cause they have timer on it (they respawn after…
  • Tornheim -

    Posted the thread Legendary Keberium.

    Hello, How to farm Legendary Keberium? You can get Ancient Keberium by killing Leaders in Lakrum but I have no idea how to farm the Legendary grade.
  • Who cares what class is harder or easier to play, as long as you're having fun and playing what you want, in the end this is what matters cause at the end of the day this is just a game and people are free to play w/e they want/like and think it's fun…
  • terent -

    Replied to the thread Daeva Skills - Random and Fixed.

    i got 2 different skills from splendid shugo in narakalli, restoration strike and chain discharge. therefore, what you said is not true.
  • Amazing, almost everything you said is wrong. Ah yes, I forgot this is the thread about ATs. You know, sometimes I wish the forums had a function where I could delete the comments I post up to 5 minutes after I post them.
  • Keymaker -

    Replied to the thread Daeva Skills - Random and Fixed.

    Done some more testing and asking other people to come loot gold shugos on same class as well as others keeping track of whether they spawned gold or red shugos and also other people to keep track of whether their legendary skill box came from gold shugo…
  • [NICK]ciotau -

    Replied to the thread General Event Discussion Thread.

    the best on event is ok to have 1 bag of stone ( select ) pve/pvp purple 1 bag of stone (select ) pve/pvp red 1 contracts ( from green till yellow) 1 coins for shugo machine 1 large bunele luna A lot of skins for armour and weapon + wings And a lot of…
  • SneakyGerald -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Snow in Atreia 12.12.2018-09.01.2019.

    It will be more ez to get skill with 6.5, so yeap not bother about put it into events.
  • efiku -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Lucky Dice 12.12.2018-09.01.2019.

    Board 4 I guess.