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[Discussion Thread] Birthday Party



State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback



Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?



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  • Doombolt -

    Replied to the thread [Discussion Thread] Birthday Party.

    It's standard. I remember 2 years ago (If I'm not mistaken) the snowflake xmas event. 5.0 was just implemented with the new high daeva gear and while everyone wanted to get rune hero gear and open world gear, the +10 snowflakes dropped makarna gear..…
  • testtestlab -

    Replied to the thread State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback.

    I've just decided to play aion once a week 'till we have options to get Transformation and proper supply of enchantments. Do camps and that's about it. I guess a lot of people will do the same (or not even bother with once a week, not sure I'll even…
  • tsikman22 -

    Liked lols3’s post in the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

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    Quote from Galeas: “We will ask again, but that's the answer we got. ” @Galeas about luna quests: its not intended cuz i had 1 bag unnopened from before 6.2 and the rewards are updated, if the rewards from the bag got 6.0 stuff is intended for us to do…
  • Tallulah -

    Replied to the thread State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback.

    My feedback Wildstar is going to be shut-down next month and my prediction Aion will be- shut down next year. Have fun as long at it last and don't let the bs stress you.
  • xhaledk -

    Replied to the thread Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?.

    So they should be out now? Haven't gotten anything in my mail yet
  • Zorkas -

    Liked Nuke’s post in the thread State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback.

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    After some playtime between pts and live server, I have gathered a few ideas and feedback. I will be brief and hope it will help. This feedback comes from a group of 20ish players with mixed gaming styles, some old school players and other rather new…
  • Sita -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 First Info.

    regarding the two different eye colours - it has been reported see also [Known Issues] 6.2 - AION - A new dawn!
  • Akyraan -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Quote from PapaSchultz: “Quote from failboat: “Quote from PapaSchultz: “so basically we cannot have the weekly bag if our char is over 75? that cannot be intended, just make an email to the RU admin and he give you the fix within 5 min ” Quote…
  • Hashtag -

    Liked Candycane’s post in the thread Where to get legendary/ultimate PVP Enchant Stones?.

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    I agree, we need 3 times more stones than what we are getting now but then again you will find people that will claim this patch is the best one ever :thumbsup:
  • Akyraan -

    Replied to the thread Duplicated Daevanation Skills.

    Quote from Applepie: “Quote from Skakutalo: “Every instance drops different skill. So if you already got chest in garden you should pass it for other members cause it will give you skill you already have ” Only garden gives same skill (Ancient Daevanion