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Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?



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  • Keymaker -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 GLORY POINTS.

    Quote from faker: “We all know that in 6.2 getting GP is much lower, but is there any way to get it ( not only from sieges - 112 gp from Lakrum siege ) ? ” The issue is due to the development teams rush to put some things in place but not add others…
  • Griver83 -

    Replied to the thread Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?.

    Quote from Galeas: “It will be in the shop for you ;) ” And for old players? We are waiting :D Thanks
  • Tallulah -

    Replied to the thread Hello I’m Sparx.

    Good morning ,buenos dias, goede morgen, guten morgen, here is your little ray of sunshine! :) @Sita About my comment made inaccessible for others to read regarding rng boxes/ addiction related - in (Closed thread , "Good but not perfect)"... Can you…
  • roflatgf -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 First Info.

    Quote from Yumichan: “@Galeas - I STILL have not got an email, nor has my husband... we're both subscribed for newsletter and we both get emails from GF etc.... what's being done for veteran players with no received emails??? We've been playing since 1.5…
  • Inorey -

    Replied to the thread 6.2 GLORY POINTS.

    If you need 1500 gp in 4 weeks than everyone gonna lose their rank, because its impossible to gain that much in this patch. ( atleast on the losing faction, like example on Urtem as asmodian we havent won a siege yet and aint gonna happen any time soon,…
  • lols3 -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Quote from Galeas: “We will ask again, but that's the answer we got. ” @Galeas about luna quests: its not intended cuz i had 1 bag unnopened from before 6.2 and the rewards are updated, if the rewards from the bag got 6.0 stuff is intended for us to do…
  • Eggsdee -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Quote from Ironskin: “Quote from Hjarta: “Quote from Eggsdee: “Quote from Hjarta: “well deyla asmo lost divine siege and I got normal reward with ultimate stuff and legendary pvp stones xD ” I think its about your personal rank winning or…
  • Eggsdee -

    Liked Sirkka’s post in the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Leo: “You know guys sometimes is better not to tell anything if that´s going to be destructive? ” From a good moderator I expect that they know how to express themselves and how to de-escalate a discussion. You simply throw fuel into the fire,…
  • Eggsdee -

    Replied to the thread State of Aion 6.2 - My feedback.

    Quote from Nuke: “After some playtime between pts and live server, I have gathered a few ideas and feedback. I will be brief and hope it will help. This feedback comes from a group of 20ish players with mixed gaming styles, some old school players and…