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Which "type" of gear?


Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?



Crash on load only after download is done



I'm Ferimeth





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  • Wanderingsoulstealer -

    Posted the thread Which "type" of gear?.

    So there are two types of gear, Brave Fighter's and Courageous Fighter's. There are differences in the optional stats, did anyone calculate which route is more optimal for a templar? Would extra HP do more than the extra accuracy thats on sword for…
  • PapaSchultz -

    Replied to the thread Where are my 2 transformation scrolls?.

    same here nothing on email nothing on shop or rewards
  • Doombolt -

    Replied to the thread Crash on load only after download is done.

    Check "application" and then also check "system", this way we'll know if Aion's crash is at system level or application level. It should most definitely display an error. When you start the game it hangs or it crashes? In task view does it show as…
  • Ferimeth -

    Posted the thread I'm Ferimeth.

    Hello Community, Aion has always been on my bucket list for years, I saw the launch when it first came out but at the time I didn't have the time to put into it and when I did I just felt like... "Well, now the game is old" so, after looking for gaming…
  • Pericol -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Can we get a vote pole to see how many ppl like this patch ?
  • ruiner -

    Replied to the thread Damage nerf or its just me?.

    Hey Enaris thanks for replying,yes i do realize i cant make a proper conclusion so early,but keep in mind im fighting with pve gear,other ppl with also pve gear and my dmg is just terrible...idk maybe is the ultra slow atk speed i got as a glad,but for…
  • Miiuuchan -

    Replied to the thread Am I doing something wrong leveling?.

    The gear u get from quest is a lot better, they made the char from 0 so u see them nuke fast is complety normal. The mob stats r different to. Do quest till u hit 75, and then move lakrum.
  • Hakurin -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    Quote from Click: “Cuz it’s 75 max :( Still got my bugged “30 days” Yasba in inventory ever since last merge but now i can’t use it anymore sadpanda ” I see, I assumed they'd still work since the 1-time yasbas work, that's a shame then :(
  • Miiuuchan -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    When is the 40% discount?
  • terent -

    Liked failboat’s post in the thread Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Magistone: “Quote from failboat: “Quote from Magistone: “Quote from failboat: “Quote from Michu: “Dang what a great mod! U guys knew GF is trash, they always were and always will be, so come to NA alrdy, sure 6.2 will be better…