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If NCSoft were to release new subclasses per each existing class


​Macros, scripts at home in Ai​on I'm new.


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Purple pvp bard



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  • Z|A|C|H -

    Posted the thread If NCSoft were to release new subclasses per each existing class.

    If Aion were to have new classes for the future patches, what would you like to see? I've imagined quite a few classes for the game. Paladin - A plate-wearing Warrior subclass that uses a sword and a shield. It can use it skills while also on a
  • AlexseiRatibor -

    Posted the thread ​Macros, scripts at home in Ai​on I'm new..

    I'm new. Tell me, please, give codes working scripts - macro house! Or write the link here on this topic.Thanks!
  • Incendium -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Yesterday i checked my Holy Tower entries,i had 1/4,which was as it was supposed to be.Today i log in,and i find out i have cooldown on Holy Tower,even though i didn't do the last run..what the... :| Edit:used luna to get an entry,now shows 1/2.Yes im…
  • Keymaker -

    Replied to the thread 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS.

    Quote from Xanoa: “Quote from esset23: “Can't kick AFKers in Neviwind Canyon. ” if im not wrong it's not a bug is same at korea because we have just 1cd ” We had it set to no kick before, and then GF requested kick abiilty because the amount of…
  • Desperation -

    Liked Neia’s post in the thread Broker Trade.

    Like (Post)
    With the bundles problem is that ppl camp stupid broker and i lost by this already like 4 packs of enchantment stones just because i put them (not for 1kinah believe much much higher price) and bots or player just buy them and i rage ;/ They suppose to…
  • Hey guys, since the kinah nerf I also have the feeling that NOT ONLY the amount of kinah we get, got redueced.. 1. First GF move: Kinah reduction we get from vendor 2. In addition before this update "Kinah fix" update I just had to roll on each of my…
  • Desperation -

    Replied to the thread Purple pvp bard.

    gold pve weap from gok or purple pve weap from nara
  • Alucinor -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    Quote from BigHairyRenamed: “@Galeas i quit since yesterday.. not gonna play anymore and you know why ??? You said you didnt touch the rates... on ancient and legendary part +1+2+3 =100% tried on ancient failed several times.. ohh well i knew you were…