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NA economy changes



Legion quest



Concerning the 24/10/2018 maintenance



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  • BigHairyRenamed -

    Replied to the thread Weekly Shop Discussion Topic.

    @Galeas ok ill write another ticket so the team can read the logs from the last week when i fail enchanting... i can give you my account if you wanna try it and test it ... i still have few legendary stones left there...also
  • jrdallas -

    Replied to the thread PVP GEAR ENCHANTING.

    Quote from Alamos: “Same here.... yestarday was spend 160x legentary stone for 1 item from +10 and fail all, today other 160 stones on same item and fail all...... totaly disappointed... and the enchant rates is far far away from official russian…
  • Konoyaro -

    Liked Galeas’s post in the thread Maintenance 24.10.2018.

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    This Wednesday, October 24th, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will not be reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST. [Events] - [Event ] Kinah Drop - stays active until further notice. (Narakalli…
  • Xappy -

    Replied to the thread NA economy changes.

    Quote from ReturningPlayer: “Quote from Xappy: “Already got prestige pass, 70ping with wtfast, with current events already made an extra 600kk kinah head start in but a lowly 5 days also got a perma mount(yes not 5 days like GF). The only downside…
  • Daeny -

    Replied to the thread PVP GEAR ENCHANTING.

    Quote from Murskaaja: “From +9 I went straightforward down to +2. Damn my stubborness hoping for succeeds. ” you mean like this ? unknown.png
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread Legion quest.

    I noticed the Oriel NPC doesnt sell mounts anymore either.
  • asdf4 -

    Replied to the thread Legion quest.

    Quote from [NICK]ciotau: “7 days ? ” That's like renting a car for a price of a new one w00t.png. The only thing which should be temporary are the potions/plastic surgery tickets with infinite use.
  • Jack -

    Replied to the thread Concerning the 24/10/2018 maintenance.

    Quote from Murskaaja: “Wish something had been done earlier though, so many people left annoyed and thinking the game will die. ” "thinking the game will die." It is already dead and each week 1% of population from each server goes down.
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread Drop rate nerfed.

    I noticed when farming first weeks the leaders, that nearly every leader dropped Manastone, now the manastones seem to drop like every 5th leader, sometimes even 10th.
  • Murskaaja -

    Replied to the thread This is fine.

    I was 4 star for a day. Next day it said I need 80 HP more. I really dont understand the HP system currently. Before you had the rank active for longer time(?), now it clearly goes day by day, because the ranks change everyday to different.