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  • Need a suggestion

    Keiji - - Suggestions


    Since you dont have the free level 55 (shion +10 gear), I would suggest you buy off the holy maze parts for really cheap prices (dont go over 10kk each if possible on your server) and also buy off the kroban accessoires, ask other templars how they do dps in pve (stigmas, creation points) or actually check out the Templar section in the forum. After you got the holy maze, socket the right manastones (power I believe?) and start the PVE stuff. You want to switch out the holy maze for holy apollon…

  • Rifts not showing up..

    Keiji - - Help & Questions


    I dont know myself when they pop, but since I read your post, I have another advice - its up to you how you'd like to play the game ofcourse. People usually do the campaign (gold quests) and darkblue quests to level up fast to 65 (I advice on soloing/duoing Haramel at 16, Fire Temple at 27, Beshmundir Temple at 53, no questing there) and then finish the esterra campaign to level up to 66 and start the real endgame stuff. Run adma, elemental, library etc. Its up to you ofcourse, but if you dont w…

  • I dont even consider farming kumiki with alts cause its pretty sure that the rates for the good stuff in the last box is abysmal low. And thanks for fixing the box after the event.

  • Quote from Lyneza90: “ Next time you make an event like this please have an option to trade in more than 1 soul at a time. ” amen

  • Nvm solved

  • can you give atleast more cubes.... once per week is not enough D:

  • To add one thing to about gaining money. Imo, the best way you get kinah is selling 1. selling your supplements (mighty ones) per week once possible (around 117kk I think? is the cap to a npc) and 2. reselling PVE weapons, gear and accessoires. So make sure to roll on everything you could sell and actually regain what you spend on the kroban accessoires as failboat mentioned

  • you always get 1 cube back when you open it with a key (its random which color you get back tho), keys are per character 6 per day available (30min for 1)

  • @Galeas any info for the fix on last chest in kumiki? the loss of 1 pearl per day is a lot for a whole month, hope you'll fix it with next maint! (and also include the lost pearls for the 1. week as compensation)

  • Can you fix the last box in kumiki pls?

  • how long does maint usually take again? 4h ? or 5h?

  • 6.0 First Info

    Keiji - - General Discussion


    Reading all this good stuff makes me want to stop playing aion 5.6 and play 6.0 ._. All this juicy info hypes me to much :c

  • I played on Tiamat NA servers before, so I can tell that NCSoft and GF do both stupid decisions time to time. There is noone really who can defend or attack GF directly, everything has to be "toleranted". Aion coins are way more expensive than on any other versions, you want to think twice when considering buying them. Events happen, but are mostly p2w or hidden behind the name "promo" so people spend money on it, its nothing free ofcourse. All servers should be located in germany, so any you ch…

  • Quote from Ypygka: “Promo, Event doesn't matter. The point is they are trying to rob you, again. Aion NA ” you know what the sad part is about our rewards? we get s*** stuff in end chests like king saam herbs and 10 spinel which is basically 90% of the reward you got, no matter how many dragon skin boxes, bygone, ap weap/armor boxes etc are inside xd

  • I dont even understand why people call this "event". An event would be a promotion, some sort of entertainment where everyone can get a chance to play it and win something good and useful. While you can aquire Shugo game coins from the normal dice event, you dont get any luna coins from anywhere. This is not an "event", this is pay to have fun s*** or better; pay to get frustrated cause you will get anyway nothing good except you can spend like 1000€ a week.

  • Quote from Vobs: “is it 20 or 30? ” Quote from Galeas: “What does all this fun cost? The game starts with your first roll. This will cost you 20 Luna. Every subsequent roll then costs 2 more Luna – up until a maximum of 40 Luna per roll. Even if you have reached the maximum, the first roll of a game will always cost 20 Luna. ” $$$$ oh wait, €€€€€*

  • Another gameforge's own merry christmas event. Keep it up, let the cash rain ~

  • Goodbye Nic?

    Keiji - - General Discussion


    Does that mean we get a new product director? :o Does that mean people can finally delete those "balance" pictures of Nic's ugly face? :o

  • As I said it in a different post somewhere, these all events GF released now are actually a big Xmas gift for their own company. The money they will gain wont be a lot cause the playerbase is dying day by day, but its still enough to milk people and make their own merry christmas. While many of the playerbase goes home with junk like 15 spinel out of a +10 snowball (which is obv not rng enough to +10 it) so you have to put bullshit rewards in it.

  • I did 3 Arkhals, 1 LOK and 1 GOK (Full run) yesterday. And only 2 bosses in GOK (the eye and piton) dropped a snowflake. All others instance bosses dropped nothing.