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  • Quote from Galeas: “There won't be any statistics. We published them once for one of the PvP events some time ago but we are not always doing it and it was not planned for this specific event. ” Cant really say if troll or laughable enough

  • Quote from arrowtotheknee: “Quote from Kelekelio: “You care too much what others have. I stopped and now I'm indifferent to whatever GF does. As long as i can find joy in this game I will continue playing it. Once I don't, I will quit. ” Whatever GF does affects you directly or not. I was a hardcore player and I have already started losing interest, especially when they undermine our intelligence by giving us the option to pay 69 AC for x3 Lodas Golden Star. That's just wrong... So I am trying t…

  • I only have one question seeing how bad we are being handled.Is this the reason Nick(PD) left the company?

  • 6.0 First Info

    Balthazar - - General Discussion


    Quote from [NICK]daishinkansama: “We are probably going to get a better version of it, Aion KR is a casher-only paradise. ” Hey there you seem to be new here,seems your hopes ARE NOT CRUSHED yet ,hopefully that is done soon enough by GF decisions.

  • I like how fast,unoticed,not caring this system has become,IT USED to be about the community now has become more,cut your sources cause we can.Not suprised but hey just a messenger of bad hate.

  • Quote from Yavanha: “Welp, Idk what to do with an army of followers ready to steal your last hits all day long, getting very frustrating. ” Army of followers hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhhaa,good one nyerky

  • @Galeas there have been many speculations about how the points work,I noticed that the first week we made average of 150 kills and we got around 300 points really quick,Now on the average of same we barely touch 100 points ,first can you sit down and tell us how it works?Second how the obtaining points change? Since you said nothing will change,I mean you gotta own up to some of your sayings.

  • Quote from failboat: “You're the one clueless if you think elyos even give loc on the map on lfg. Kroata talks a lot but I don't see things about that. By the way, nice pvping in pve gear since I sold my pvp gear, and you still complain. ” WE have elyos char on the freaking side of Akaron,and locations ARE provided ALL the time spilling bs wont help,iam ok with enstablishing sth opposite that is accurate but saying bs when i have seen with my own eyes.i consider garbage. your voice sry

  • Quote from t0re: “provide as much screenshots as u wish, fact is elyos never played together, never will. ” yep clueless it is.

  • Quote from t0re: “Quote from Balthazar: “JuST like us they make 2-5 groups join ts and they walk together easy ” How many years have to understand elyos groups communicate/ between each other. Whats more most of elyos group members are same place on the map. ” Ima stay on specific words ,first of ALL PLEASE,have u seen wtf is goin on?Second there you go CORRECTED 3 spies on asmos areas(thank Kroata/Tandrae seeing asmos flying goin left right GIVING LOCATION as fast AS THE WIND on lfg.),MINI SIEG…

  • Quote from Kroata01: “@Inorey if it'll be like the last deathbringer event, they'll take time after the event is over like 2-3 weeks to check the kill logs , reports or wtv and delete such people from ranking list anyway before they give out the titles and rewards , so let these monkeys do that. I saw in our srv in mid of the map 2 guys sitting next to legion kisk and farming an alt, so ye I rlly hope gameforge will check it out in the end and delete again (just not the ones that rlly deserved i…

  • Quote from Galeas: “I Have no date, hopefully next week or the week after that but I have no confirmation yet. The changes are basically an increase in the number of coins you get for some dungeons. So that the overall amount of coins you can farm is higher. ” What about the suggestion considering ADDING shugo gold through PVP instances just to make them more rewarding,why exactly u didnt include it as suggestion,what was your thoughts behind it.

  • Quote from [NICK]n00b: “In the history of Aion events were never changed mid-way like that. If it is this way from the start, it will remain like that. What are you trying to do? Give them extra work? LMAO ” Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Balthazar: “Quote from Galeas: “The even is made like that, I can always forward suggestions and I will but I have no answer as to why it is like that. ” Any chance to separate the rewards,class,factions for the ranks top 3 and this not all player ar…

  • Quote from Galeas: “The even is made like that, I can always forward suggestions and I will but I have no answer as to why it is like that. ” Any chance to separate the rewards,class,factions for the ranks top 3 and this not all player are rewarded neither willing to participate again.. @Galeas any chance to change on this?

  • Quote from Galeas: “Nothing was changed since the even started. ” @Galeas why you don't answer about the top rewards. I can understand busy but why such short answers.

  • Quote from failboat: “Quote from Konstantinos: “maybe y are one from the lucky races but tell us what items we need 6 players group to kill 200 ely zerg . Funny boy ” There are more than 6 asmos on Deyla and elyos can't join alliances, like you guys are saying around here. ” Ofc this shows HOW clueless you are considering the event.Max asmos that are participating on event is around 20.Guess what elyos 60-70,As far as alliances concerned elyos JuST like us they make 2-5 groups join ts and they w…

  • @Sparx @Galeas @Sita Can we get a bit of clarification WHY its faction TOGETHER,and NOT SEPARATED for asmos and ELYOS why together...god sake...this decisions.

  • Quote from Sparx: “The top 3 - 250 are both factions together and the class reward is for the the first of the class per faction. ~ Sparx ~ ” @Sparx and why its not TOP 3-250 INDIVIDUALLY for the factions/servers

  • Well that was a waste of time for me.

  • @Galeas @Sita @Sparx Can we get a clarification on WHO will receive the TOP3/TOP10/TOP25?Is it gonna be in each class/faction separated or for example top 3 Overall on Deyla.(Asmos+Ely) Can u clarify please?