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  • Then put the weapon, thats atleast looking good

  • Quote from Koru: “nice GF very nice like always you can't give free stuff even 1-2m before 6.2 when sunayaka weapon will be useless every other region got this event for 30 days gf 2 weeks every other region got all 4 parts of the weapon for coins from npc and not a 0.1% chance to get the first 2 parts from boss 1 time a day every other region drop 1-2 parts from sunayaka and berserk one but gf like always only from 1 boss per day for 1 person for all the server elyos and asmo GOOD JOB you out d…

  • What stigma to +9?

    Inorey - - Cleric


    Quote from Mika: “Sprint would be my 1000000000000000% choice IF there was no extra slot, since its the "overall most useful skill" xD In group I try to throw Festering on the focused target, but sometimes gets resisted since I'm using level 65 mace Blind is just pretty much a "plus", I throw it on melee classes focusing me/someone or just as the start of the fight when they're rushing in, maybe forcing them to use a GHP, obviously useless if you face a full mage group but you can't know that it…

  • Is this even an update?

  • If they ever plan to post that leave Antri out from it, wouldnt be accurate considering the kill traders kills /hour/day/week xD

  • this called literally pay to win xDDDD

  • Server Merge Discussion

    Inorey - - General Discussion


    Quote from Galeas: “As always I can't really say but we will try to make it faster than the last ones. ” @Galeas when the forced trasnfers going to start? Unfortunately it effects me as I didnt sell my estate in time

  • Quote from Kadex: “its your fault that u attended to an event (and even nerded it) that had no clear rules from the start ” Thats only your point of view. What I do and how I do is my thing. Agree no clear rules but if you have videos of trades from those people who farmed 5-7k points during 1 night you can also agree that is impossible according to the elyos ppl who attended at this event, so we spent hours to hunt these people made all the evidences , they dont need anything else , they got ev…

  • Its not our fault that Gameforge killed this server, we just wanted to win anyone who did that and atleast you agree with that we were there and we got scammed by gameforge and those traders who I bet you never seen them on the map. I felt sorry for the elyos people honestly, and it wasnt fun for us standing afk literally 5h on the same spot and literally was no elyos around. Its not our fault.

  • I have opened my own thread, thats what i was talking about, that one is closed. There is something been done, they banned my support account, legit players deserve this. But sure you can defend them , I dont care about you.

  • They closed our thread about this becaue they are trying to hide the fact they rewarded proved traders and dont care about those who lost their ranks and rewards because of that.

  • Its on german forum already , but I have to mention here as well, change the title to “God of trader” it sounds more accurate in our case, and now I go create 1000 elyos alts for the next PvP event just in case, and also please name the next event to “Who can kill more elyos alts” that would be familiar supported by GameForge.

  • Everyone can see those videos and if there is really nothing on them then sorry for being hyprocrit, but the reality is that we all know whats going on there, so Hellooo Gameforge??? Open your eyes and fix this mess what you have done to us.

  • Hello, Im not getting any answer from official gameforge source. I focus now especially on Antri server since I am involved there. I can say many of asmodian sent tons of support ticket with 999999 gathered evidences against the traders, who gained the top ranks with standing afk and killing their alts on kisk billion times. Gameforge is ignoring us, we re getting ignored, people who spent lots of time there got scammed like this, lost ranks and rewards by some others who has no respect. I just …

  • I really hope its a very bad joke, giving the rewards to the traders or you just literally ignores everything? Will actually anything change here?

  • Quote from Click: “Quote from Lahire: “you mean cheating like this video on Antrishka? ” gg xD and here I bet support won’t do anything. I also reported some trades, ticket got closed, video on YouTube still has 0 views. I don’t even know why I’m bothering recording, rendering, uploading, making a ticket, explaining myself and get 0 views in the end. ” Hahahha you didnt reply me ingame, but I made it with Nekroad. May I ask on this video how people can go to that spot? 3 of us tried to climb the…

  • Knowing that they are knows cheaters like using no hide , i wouldnt be surprised if they just glide up somewhere, however I dont want to make theories because I dont have proof only just what they say on ts and that is not valid. If we would compare my kills with their kills during the event for sure i would be around 10k and they would be on 0 , yet they are with me or in front of me and end of event I can be super happy with 4th place. This points/kill counting system is bullsh*t. Whats the fu…

  • Quote from Shaoron: “Damn, this event is bringing out the worst in people. But I guess that's normal for any competition combined with Aion community. I really hope GF won't be disqualifying legit players who got all their points with proper PvP and effort. (aka my group etc.) We are getting threatened by random players all day long that they have proof of us trading/exploiting and dunno what else. It's a bit tiring. No idea about other servers, but Hellion is producing unbelieveable amount of s…

  • Quote from [NICK]n00b: “What's the difference between - [Motion Card] Boxing legend and - [Motion Card] Boxing champion ” uh one is just boxing in the air, the other one is doing different moves and has a doll what hits sometimes, hope its enough good explanation xD

  • Quote from Shaoron: “Quote from Click: “group kills count in personal character stats btw ” Sadly I can't share how many kills we have in total since we did Divine sieges etc. So it's a little bit hard to tell. But also don't forget that killing legates gives tons of points too. Not only killing opposite faction players. ” I tested, one whole night was killing legates and battle commanders and I literally gained 0 points.