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  • So, curios if anyone had this happen to them, happened twice to me so far. We start the race, map shows a single enemy leaving the base. We meet at that first fence, still a single enemy; we took him down/stunned etc. and go on. After the first few fences we look at the points, enemy has more than us , with that 1 guy being behind. Then I look at that stage map and it showed two enemies an entire stage ahead of us while we were barely past those 2nd group of fences, I never saw them until close …

  • Quote from Potatopancakewarrior: “Well, this isn't very fun. People are bug abusing the windstream. If they put paralyze on anyone who enters the windstream you'll get stuck inside forever and you can't die or anything. Nice way to lose the race if you have two team mates stuck cause of some random pleb abusing this. Go ahead and deactivate this event again, it's ridiculous. ” Yep, that's what happened in my screenshot above.

  • No idea if rewards or changed or not, but I just got 4x Revival stone bags from the golden chest. So not buying any golden keys that's for sure. And like others have said, you can easily lose a race just by getting teleported back by a corner or getting stuck mid air in some little nook. EDIT: 3rd time I'm stuck there, you can't die. I think people are starting to notice this and are abusing it.

  • 6.2 First Info

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    Doesn't seem that bad. And it's only the first skill that's 100%, the toggle is just that, a toggle skill that works like godstones now.

  • If that's just part of the strategy, then it's stupid. It basically guarantees a win for the team that has the 1st player finish if he has the right class.

  • Yep, just had 2 runs now not being able to finish 'cus of people respawning on the platform and just chain stunning us for 2-3 minutes. good event, I especially like it when a para godstone procs on me.

  • Is this supposed to happen? For those who don't know. Once you finish the race, you can jump off the platform and you will respawn on the 2nd to last platform, and you still have all of your abilities, that means you can stun/slow etc. anyone that is coming from the opposite faction. We actually couldn't finish a race now, the guy that came first did this, I would have been 2nd, but he stunned me and his teammate did the respawn "trick" as well, and they just kept us on the platform until the ti…

  • So what do I do all the gold keys I couldn't use because of the problems yesterday?