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  • Quote from ReturningPlayer: “not sure if troll or not they took away the only way to make kinah in the blink of an eye not considering how it would affect players just thinking of their wallets I mean lets be honest this is GF logic since ever wallet first ” 1. If you dont read past comments properly and have no clue, dont comment. 2. NCSoft KR doesnt want the bug restored, bang it in your head already.

  • Quote from Ensury: “as two topics are too much to handle... Keiji doesnt care as he plays on an old server. ” Thats not true I was the very first one reacting to Celes and giving a short list of our needs and kinah sinks. Even my main is getting slowly but surely out of kinah. Its just not fair to blame blame blame while they did something good/helpful too. Im sure the Team would like to get positive feedback aswell, as this motivates and influences their work. And as I said, im not a GF fanboy …

  • Its pretty obvious why they didnt start the next Event. It will be the next Halloween Event and we are still 2 weeks away from Halloween. Im sure it will start by next week. Last years Halloween event was for once generous and not full with rng garbage. Hope this year too

  • Sorry but for once they reacted fast and probably cause they have the rights to change the needed HP to keep a rank. They are not ignoring us about the kinah issue either. If you read latest news, you would know that they require more time to come up with a permanent solution. Im not saying that final solution will be perfect, I dont even have faith in Gameforge. But heck, Im glad they are possible to change the code this fast and make it easier for the loosing factions to keep their damn ranks …

  • Quote from Galeas: “To be honest I bought the box too and got disappointed the same as you. I already made a suggestion to change this this is not really worth the materials you spend. ” They put another 6 kinah bundles (additional to the 4 bundles they put last week) in the VR as well, which, I think, is not well thought as well (maybe a mistake?). Please report this too

  • Thank you for blocking my post. Guess my assumption wasnt that wrong then.

  • Honour points issue

    Keiji - - General Discussion



  • They must be really scared that they think people would abuse the event with alts and farm endlessly kinah. Suppose thats the only reasoning for not giving more kinah per instance.

  • Dont worry. Tomorrow with maint and kinah event starting, I would actually expect that the event will be bugged and we will have to wait for another week to fix it. Just saying, it can happen not that it will. Just so you guys can prepare yourselves.

  • Hmmm, whats this @Galeas? Does this represent how much Gold packs are worth now? :o………4eb1ec5481c9547e3fe8368a4

  • I read somewhere that KR refuses to implement the same system in other regions as they have. That means, since they have kinah % boost on their premium, they do not want to have it on GF's gold packs. If true or not, no idea.

  • I am only wondering how they came up with adding kinah to prometon and mirash only? Did they analyze the data wrong? Like, they saw people dont run Mirash much and many others cant complete Prometon, so they thought people are to lazy/demotivated to these both instances? And on HT/Nara they know people do it over and over again, so it would be to 'generous' again to put some kinah in there?

  • Hmmm... wonder if news would spread on media/sites/communities if Aion would really die through GF's own mistake. If the servers really shut down in near future... If it does, they will surely hurt their own reputation. Lets be excited!

  • Quote from Galeas: “Nic says Goodbye No, Aion won’t die. Go Shugos! Nic. ” Found a old meme. O Nic, if you would know.. We are in that direction..

  • Which was not intended to be tradeable and theyll fix that thanks to you reporting it here :))) Be fast boiz

  • @Galeas Galeas, tell GF many thanks for putting 2 kinah boxes in the VR. I got amazing 1000 kinah from both. Im sure I will stay healthy til next year!

  • Quote from Galeas: “Nonetheless, it seems that we won’t be able to get a solution for this as fast as we would like to. ” The first step in the right direction. Yet I dont like the sound of this sentence. If this "fix/analyze the data" is gonna take aslong as they needed to "fix" the luna nerf, than I have simply no words left here, and probably will look for another MMO too.

  • They can put a kaisinel potion for free for everyone within an eyeblink. But 1 kinah box to support the people from ruining themself ingame is to much.

  • If your next event is gonna be again so "generous" then good luck. You promoted Aion 6.0/2 and til now all you "gave" us for free were mistakes and bugs. Your last events were not fun nor enjoyful at all (I hope you read all the past comments yourself Galeas/Celes). I really hope your next event will be here to make people GET something out of it, not just to look at it in your forum.

  • We wanted more sources to get legendary stones ingame and they add it into the cash shop as rng box (59 coin). Any more ways to kick us right in the face?