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  • Quote from Saketini: “hmm it's getting complicated, cuz my bf said he got shugo on gok and it spawned legendary chest xd ” there is a certain chances that the shugo in GoK will drop Legendary

  • Hoow low has the ppl become to do such thing like this is the main question here.

  • Quote from Livi: “And between bard and sm which one have better dps this patch? ” like i said SM is tier 1

  • SM/Sorc are god tier dps atm

  • Additional Bard changes - 6.2

    Sorayami - - Bard


    Quote from Enaris: “Within the legendary transformations there is no pure atk speed/magic stats (that is an issue for gunner and ATs aswell) so we are stuck with Sita for legendaries. ” The only lost here are the bonus Stats like i wrote before. Drakan is prolly enough as Hybrid one, Sita is nice to have. You have to decide between Atkspeed Gain and Stats Gain. Quote from Enaris: “For the charging skills I rather use them more in PVE. When it comes to PVP is more situaltional if you are able to …

  • Additional Bard changes - 6.2

    Sorayami - - Bard


    Well most of the listed things arent new. Some are true, that the tooltip ingame doesnt show all the effects of the skills. Quote from Rym: “Bards are among the classes that suffer the most from transformation effect issues and require a hybrid transformation to be competitive. The only competitive transformation that exists for Bards is Kaisinel, followed by Sita. Using an attack speed transformation will make your cast speed and charged skills charge too slow, using a cast speed transformation…

  • Quote from twardy: “One more thing. Its a very crucial moment for the game and we have to wait 5 more days for that "poor" solution? ” well let them the 5 days, maybe they will add HT and Nara .... A little bit of hope .... xD

  • Quote from roflatgf: “Quote from Sorayami: “500k each member is ok in my opinion since 8x500k= 4kk + 2kk Mirash.... Ppl will have a least some Kinah to spend on important stuffs. 6kk each weeks is not even much but its a beginning. ” 8x500k? As I know Mirash Refugee has 4 entry per week ... so it's 2kk per week ... ” yes i forgot to mention that the 500k should be added to Nara and HT. Edited

  • Quote from Galeas: “OK a bit more details now. As you can see we included this small event because we wanted to have something as fast as possible. It doesn't mean that the solution will be delayed a lot. At this point I don't know when we can have it but we should know more next week definitely. Regarding the Mirash and Prometun. We all do agree that Mirash is accessible to everyone pretty fast. I know that Prometun is harder but if it is another incentive for people combined with the chance to…

  • Prometun Workshop

    Sorayami - - Cross-Server


    Heyo, Im looking for a good Bard/SM for the last slot of my Prometun static Group. You could also join our HT/Nara group, safe Armour and You only have to roll Accs vs our Cleric. If you are interested then pls tell me your stats, name etc. Have a nice day

  • Just saw one guy struggling to get his Legendary Earring to +3 with Legendary Stones, according to the website it should be 100% rates from 0-3???

  • so @Galeas Can we expect a change for the Kinah Problem? Or you wanna keep the change and accept the unavoidable future of closing the Server in few months?

  • enchanting costs kinah, your argument is invalid

  • Quote from Seishi: “I found the current patch much more self-supporting, as you get your enchants from PvP instances, your manastone slots from PvE drops, without a single kinah invested. Offend or bm me as you like, you all will be here months from now and still playing, still having everything and still growing. ” What of those things is affected by your kinah income before the nerf? Where would you lose/invest kinah????? It doesnt even have a connection here. Economy Inflated? Almost all the …

  • Quote from Seishi: “Personally I don't have a single negative thought about this kinah nerf as this affects everyone. If there's less money in the game, every item in the broker will be obviously cheaper - as you can't make kinah from shop (only if you're lucky in the current event), so the most hardcore pay 2 win player will have less kinah as well. Surely, this will make the game even more hardcore and competitive, but I also went from 10 mil to 40 mil in the past weeks with little to no effor…

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Sorayami - - General Discussion


    Quote from Exiled: “Quote from Cookieee: “We have people that are using Running scrolls/ Awakening Scrolls+Transformations? How come they still have the old scrolls? Not sure if it stacks until the speed cap but they do seem to run much faster and it's really annoying! ” I saw old type scrolls buffed players too! And got no answer.. ” those scrolls are from healing camp boxes. If you didnt open them before the patch, you csn open them now for old scrolls


    Sorayami - - Suggestions


    they did the right thing to melk the player Implemented zero sources for transformation, let ppl crying about that and then opened happy hour with 40% so ppl could cash and get their transfomation. Sadly ppl even fell right in their trap.

  • Quote from Kuroiz: “I dont see how that bundle is worth 999 coins then, with 30 days items ” gf is trying to get money from new players, since they dont know that those stuffs arent worth the money.

  • Solution for the transformation problem lul

  • Quote from t0re: “Quote from Neverfelt: “It's horrible actually, one of the worst patches aion ever had. ” remember what i was saying 6 months ago? every1 else was like yeee best patch ever.. ” same and this is so frustated playing a phy class without weaving ...