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  • is it just me or there's no compensation box that contains wings?

  • 6.2 First Info

    Domino - - General Discussion


    @Galeas I don't know if was already asked before, but regarding the gear compensation: let's say i have a full leather set of fallusha +15 and i put it on another character that is exclusively using cloth gear, the compensation will be only for it's own type of gear (in this scenario the leather)? Also another question: is the estima compensation limited to 6 per character or you can have more estimas +5 or higher that are going to be converted on the same character mentioned before?

  • Server Merges 2018/FAQ

    Domino - - Help & Questions


    Dunno if was already answered but do we need to empty the warehouse before transfer or the items will remain there?

  • Best event in a long while. Pros:It's fun and rewarding. Downs: Bugged but still u can go on.

  • As the Nergal hero trial quest was bugged and we didn't receive any apes beside 1 person in our group, we should expect even the other quests to be the same?

  • I just run over quest points, and there's 2 [Instance / Group] The Elemental Lord, one gives 20 points another one 10 (and no i don't mean the pink one that is rep from shugo). I guess is a typo?

  • Quote from Click: “Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Neko: “@Galeas Can we know the exact droprate of Cute Minion Contracts from Narakkalli and Museum? I'm asking because you told us the ones of APES/Serums, but not these ones ” That's a very good question. I will ask and come back to you. ” Are Cute Minion Contracts in Narakkalli only obtainable from killing Hardmode boss? If yes, can that be changed to Normal or even Easy mode? ” We droped one in easy mode, but i assume is super rare.

  • Servers down

    Domino - - General Discussion


    We don't care about shugo game. People still had golden to do and other stuffs, and Antriksha is still down.

  • Not a single region gave a single nyerk to touch thoose things as they are too few to "affect the game economy" as you always state as an argument of "balancing things". Please tell us how you came to this conclussion since people already made a thread complaining about APES rate even if doing it on more alts? How u came to the conclusion that we need fewer manastones (not even mentioning APES again becouse i will repeat myself, do i) when the only people with +20 items and +10 manastones are mo…

  • [Feedback Thread] New Shop

    Domino - - General Discussion


    I used the "Allocate all" function but none of the items arrived in my mail box. More than it they appear as allocated rewards and i have 0 on allocatable section.

  • Are the points counting or should i wait the ranking list to be up before i start to do any quest?

  • 20 runs - 0 key Still waiting for the "event is not working as intended so we will apply a fix for the key drop rate" answer