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  • OMG

    netforce - - Cleric


    Quote from Neia: “Seriously no staff with magic attack for cleric just a p.attack.... Racist........ ” with 6.0 cleric dont need staff.. its mace shield that makes for it. As the system is totally reworked so are the stats. U can see staff + mace have the same equal stats + shield. so fuse 2 staff is same as having mace + shield.

  • i want kromede as minion

  • Cler 6.2

    netforce - - Cleric


    for pve i would say Healingboost at higher instances required alot of healing and u got so much hp already

  • Estimas was never exchanged. A bug in the system. Gameforge reported it to ncsoft.

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    netforce - - General Discussion


    Quote from Mats: “Hello, me and few other rangers on nergal-ely experienced very game-breaking bug with following skills: 1. Agonizing Arrow, 2. Lethal Arrow, 3. Ascended Soul Arrow (also Seizure Arrow), 4. Seizure Arrow, 5. Silence Arrow, 6. Lightning Arrow, 7. Arrow Deluge, 8. Sleep Arrow After using any of them while running we got 1-4s delay for this skill effect, damage and next skill. But when you use these skills without moving everything is fine. This bug may affect also other skills (ma…

  • it is intending in patch 6.2. Kinah is replaces by ingots, what u need to buy new daveaion skillboxes.

  • Keberium Thingie

    netforce - - Crafting Profession Section


    from ancient bosses around lakrum, u regonise them as elites, easy to solo if geared.

  • Screen Flicker

    netforce - - Help & Questions


    seems like your graphic card is broken or defect.

  • This would be my solution for transformations contracts. - REMOVE IT from Aion Shop Instead lower price on transformations contract in Gold Sand Shop from 12m to 6.5m and increase the weekly buy limit to 2-4 What is the benefits u ask? 1. No one can burn money on aion coins for just buy 1000 contracts. 2. Instead all can buy the amount of weekly limit up to 4 from Gold Sand Shop. Second NOT so good solution is 1. Have weekly limit in aion shop on contracts but.. HOLD ON 2. People can go around i…

  • Daparunerk Vendor coins

    netforce - - General Discussion


    It was a Korean PTS event to test out things. the NPC is still there. So just forgot about that NPC.

  • Quote from testtestlab: “Dual boxing is ok on PTS ” they talk about the live server upcoming 6.2. pts works duel. tested it my self. might be changed for live. as u cant trade kinah but there is a workaround between 2 client/charater.

  • i know that pts will be closed after launch but will the pts be wiped? i mean pts probaly gets 6.5 first but do u really wanna level up again for 6.5. i got 3x 80 on pts. cleric/chanter/bard. so gaeles will pts just shut down to launch or server wiped?

  • if i understand it correct its 1 scroll/box. becuse these positions is not the same as transformations consider stats. many have bought 100k scrolls and crafting alot. or might be per 100 or 1000 scroll.

  • Quote from Click: “Quote from Thehitto: “For me aion 6.2 its refreshing. I had funn lvling to 80 lvl. But i see a few problems : 1. Stigmas. where shuld players get them ? When you want to enchant your stigmas just to +6 you need a hell of them. Im talking about +6 how players shuld make them to +9 ? 2. Forms. I dont see any good in game solutions to get them, on pts 1 spend 2000 aioc coins just for forms. I got 1 ancient form and people consider me lucky. Lets say that ancient form are ok, they…

  • This is BAD and should not be active for live server 6.2. TURN OFF RESSURCTION WITH LUNA. U can ress in pvp 1000 times with full health/mana no SR. Works in instances as well. It is very bad system and more P2W then anything else.

  • Quote from Kotoro: “For those who talk about RU version, RU version is a beta test for the official NA/EU launch, Any other compagnies are launching RU first because other EU/NA server to try it out & learn by their mistake. In terme of compensation RU get fuked up by their publisher & are kinda dissapointed not of the patch, but of compensation. The RU version is a smaller version of EU one, its population decrease patch after patch, seems Gameforge still not learned from the P2W policy. The ne…

  • 250% xp 1 day only?

    netforce - - General Discussion


    Mayby its a spellerror but it say xp boost 8.9.2018 to 9.9.2018 so 1 day xp boost?

  • i said yes. new players that comes to aion have no chance to get geared up as all will to well geared. it is better if all is equal geared from start. If u are govornor or general does not matter in 6.2 also takes long time for those ranks... in 6.2 there is not much HP u can gain, almost only Lkarum siege will give HP.

  • my account has 3700 days left on goldpack.. does it mean i get to keep all days to 6.0?

  • Quote from Noctis: “The combat and the gameplay improvement of every class is the best part about 6.2/6.5. Now if only we could all get at least 2nd best transformations easy ... NCsoft rly tried to make every class balanced over the time imo. They had, what, 4 ? balancing changes in these 6-7 months. There are still some things left to fix such as clers chants and temps kinda being too immortal xD Quote: “gunner does superb dmg but dies faster then other classes. ” after 6.5, spirit eye gives 3…