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  • Quote from Olybius: “@Galeas how about drop boost (for example 100-200%) till you introduce new solution for kinah problem ? ” Even if every single monster you killed dropped a "white" sell-able item they would still only sell for ~ 2000 Kinah each - it would only take ~ 60000 monsters to reach the weekly sales limit. Let's be generous and say you kill 10 monsters every minute - it would only take you ~ 100 hours to complete your weekly goal.

  • Quote from Sparx: “They also started with a low kinah rate for their items with the release of 6.0. It starts with 6% of the buy price and goes up to 30% after reaching (prestige) level 10 with their premium membership. ” Korea only got 6.0 in January 2018 and yet their premium members have been selling items for 25% of the purchase price for several months now. Does that mean players who already had sufficient consecutive months of "premium-ness" prior to the update instantly unlocked the "30%"…

  • Quote from Happy: “just to be even with their kinah ” "even", hue - you should be a comedian

  • I guess so much effort lately went towards the vendor prices fix that we ran out of resources for dealing with the bots.

  • They are litearlly making 100k worth of Kinah an hour, won't even cover the price of Goldpack.

  • Quote from Sheyran: “ou cannot even p2win them ” Actually, coincidentally since the special maintenance we now also have a wheel of fortune with a common reward of [Rune] Box of Kinah.

  • Quote from testtestlab: “You said transformation contract 9.9k kinah? Is this server specific? Mine is 12.3 or something like that ” Transformation contract - guess the additional 2.4kk is a custom "feature" .

  • With the special maintaininace - october 4, Gameforge have applied a “fix” to the disparity between inventory shop and NPC vendor items sales prices, essentially reducing them 4 times. Knowing that here’s some quick maths… Expenses calculations are performed for perceived average player assuming base item prices without influence and tax modifiers*: - active Goldpack status (weekly sales limit of 117M Kinah) - participation in all available content (4x Siege, 21x ADG, 7x RT, 2x Neviwind, 10x AoD…

  • Problem: Players complain about sales limit being too low. Solution: Lower item sell prices to increase the amount of time it takes player to reach said sales limit.

  • Quote from Murskaaja: “So my suggestion is: Increasing the amount of Fragments... ” The amount of Fragments of fighting spirit received from disenchanting is fine as it is now. At current prices it is worth crafting to legendary or even ultimate stage before breaking items for fragments (for example crafting legendary Aerot wings from ancient ones for 20 fragments instead of 6 while total cost of crafting supplies for the legendary version is less than twice the price of ancient) which is health…

  • Quote from esset23: “I beleive NCsoft designed transformation system in this way on a purpose. I mean, it is shared all over your account, so it was made for alts. ” Science is so amazing.

  • Quote from Hizamaruu: “They might be incompetent in making events, they might be greedy but they are not kids.Stop thinking conspiracies and silly things . Its just a bug, they will fix it. You will mostly get white ones so why do u care lol. ” - Let's assume x amount of players read patch and exchange documents before the patch - Let's assume same x amount of players purchased something like Altgard teleportation scrolls at 1.7k Kinah each before the patch which got exchanged with Integarated r…

  • Dear, fellow players, at this point in time I am sure you are all aware of the recent "unintended" changes in the pricing of "Transformation contract". Gameforge have already made official statement regarding the issue available here. Readers are advised to wear a tinfoil hat for best immersion results. Ever since the arrival of patch 6 a noticeable amount of players (in my estimation up to 10% of the player-base) have, having exhaustively analysed available patch item compensations and exchange…

  • Quote from Galeas: “The fact that there are not contracts in that specific event doesn't mean there won't be any in the near future. This event was not planned yesterday as you can guess. ” This event is surprisingly just like it was upon release in Korea.

  • Quote from Rinnie: “dead old servers or not, if they want people to return, a new server is really good. noone has advantages unless they p2w alot ” "unless they p2w alot" UNLESS THEY P2W ALOT And now, for some actual feedback... Quote from Orange: “Since new sells limit is 16milion kinah to npc ” Quote from NoaimDeyla: “WAIT.. kinah limit is 16kk? ” @Galeas please try to make sure that whoever is responsible for balancing gets to read this The only way to earn enough Kinah in 6.x as to where it…

  • Quote from Olympic: “respect to gameforge for having the patience to deal with EU players. You plebs manage to cry about everything and show zero appreciation for any effort done to please you. ” For a company in touch with it's playerbase and game It's not that hard to tell which game features play a key role when it comes to actual game-play. In Korean retail version upon release, despite the fact Transformation scrolls were also avaliable in the Quna shop, all players received (and kept recei…

  • @Sita where the "daily aion coins" at? Need more recovery tea :c Quote from Doombolt: “If you go to a bar and they charge you 2€ for the coffee rather than 1€, would you complain? ” Even in a third-world country like Slovenia coffee costs more than 1€ a cup at most bars.

  • Neviwind Canyon - AFK Issue

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    I did point out this would be happening alot before they allowed kicking but it got ignored and they introduced it anyways. Quote from Choopazaloopa: “There are too many kids (Hidden Content) at NC,that kicking people(non afk) without reason. ”