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  • New class in Aion?

    Keymaker - - General Discussion


    Quote from Noctis: “exciting seeing as atm gunners are the only class using magic leather, that shud be their equipment. also looks like it will be a ranged class; shooting aether energy rings ? ” *cough* tech's use magic leather too but really these days the entire class should be moved to magic plate...have blocked 10 clerics this week who refuse to take aethertechs to prometun... that then leaves space for a chain user....though a physical based cloth would be interesting I still think there …

  • Faction Lock For Nergal Asmodians

    Keymaker - - Nergal


    Transfers are only way of doing was done before GF even took over and faction lock does exist in the game to stop people creating alts on overbalanced servers as at one point it was even applied to some servers. All Elyos on other servers should be allowed to transfer to Nergal. No Nergal is allowed to transfer. No Asmo allowed to transfer if your server is already unbalanced in Elyos favour. Bonuses for those transferring to an unbalanced server with a restriction of 60 days before yo…

  • Quote from paparepas: “Ok so i have a big problem doing dps i did today promentus and my dps was significant low iam almost full legendary pve gear with the exception that my weapon is legendary pvp with pve under My stats: Attack:11.307 Accuracy:10.271 Crit:2.630 Didnt mention that in promentus i used luna buff as well and had 12k attack 11.600 acc and 3.630 crit Is there any tips that will help me boost my dps weaving? Skill rotation asking help from fellow glads ” You miss a bit of PVE damage…

  • AION 2

    Keymaker - - Daeva's Playground


    The mobile game was renamed so it doesn't have aion in it's game title...think it's Legion of War hasn't been released in the EU, but you can find the apk file if you are on android and play it it's been around for well over a year... I got up to level 10 before they updated it and i didn't download the latest apk for it

  • They've already said, there will not be another reset.

  • Narakalli last boss

    Keymaker - - PvE


    I find it funny to hold onto the bomb if the boss is about to die before the time runs out. If u time it well due to the delay from the bomb being cancelled out. You end up with a dead boss and a team wipe...

  • If you are failing in a row. Stop enchanting. For some reason the RNG likes to stick lots of fails together. If u fail, enchant a different piece... It shouldn't work but it does. But also helps manages the stress and frustration a bit better from the fails

  • Quote from Senpai: “It is an RNG-based chest. So there is no specific amount of chests you need to open to get what you want. ” So the 'ancient transformation' chest is RNG so u might not even get ancient? Isn't that false advertisement? Also more gambling... So what if its against your religion to gamble?

  • A merge isn't the answer, the only solution is server transfers, a merge will cause players to deliberately cause a faction conflict like a lot of antriksha elyos came to deyla (this should have been blocked) Deyla being locked out so u can only transfer off it for both elyos and asmo. Incentives created for those transferring, and larger incentives for those going to underpopulated factions. And then if there is still a big imbalance, an offer for so many per server to swap faction with criteri…


    Keymaker - - General Discussion


    Prior to 6.2, I used to have a bug where If I alt-tabbed at any time out of the game for any amount of time. when i came back to the game, the entire user interface wasnot usable...the game would be working fine, but just could not interact, it was like a piece of glass had been inserted between my mouse and the client so could see everything just not touch. My advice to you would be to uninstall the game entirely, remove all traces including aion reg files (found in HKey_Local) and then re-down…

  • 1) Add Vending machine to lakrum 2) Sort your rear backsides out for the intended purpose of the shugo vending machine...which was to make event gear purchasable from currency given out at events.. ADD SHUGO GOLD TO ALL EVENT DROPS 3) Again - put event rewards on the shugo vending machine. We'ved asked for this 100s of people can save up and eventually buy the things they want. And if you really insist on making r/l money from this. 4) you can add shugo gold to the aion store at a reaso…

  • you have to take all the blue quests u can, complete them, and then do a campaign quest....then more blue quests will unlock...If you do it properly, u should be able to get to lvl 80 with quite a few signia quests left to do.

  • Armour Discussion

    Keymaker - - Aethertech


    Aethertechs can wear magic leather, because before they choose their class, (Engineer) they wear leather. Another reason behind the option of wearing magic leather I personally believe is that due to Clerics wearing the same gear as an Aethertech and that you need a Cleric in instances. An AT in your group is Optional, AT's must always share their class roll in armour drop instances with the Cleric No other class is forced to do this as they are optional. You can choose whether to be the only pl…

  • when 6.5

    Keymaker - - General Discussion


    Based on previous patches and the way the updates, the most likely guesstimate is the first wednesday in February. However, Patch 6.5 came along very quickly so it could be earlier but i doubt it would be any later than Feb.

  • Quote from WreckingLord: “Yay, no more server-wide applying to dungeons from anywhere! Yay, dungeon entrances getting camped by p2w players 24/7! Yay, a full group of 6 can't kill 2 of these money bags you milk after fighting for 10 minutes straight because heals! Much fun, wow, group disbanded, no dungeon was made that day. Yay, I left the game. Keep it up, proud of you, that's how you're going to get new people playing. For those of you that may think I didn't try, I've been trying to get in a…

  • Sealiing scroll?

    Keymaker - - Help & Questions


    It's to lock your items so u don't gamble the stats after u get them adjusted also so u don't accidently delete/sell/extract...or if your account gets hacked, it can't be deleted so easily.

  • Charging stations

    Keymaker - - General Discussion


    i've never actually seen one ingame...u can't locate them either, i thought they just never worked which is why we get them automatically sent to us instead

  • Maintance on sunday

    Keymaker - - General Discussion


    Quote from Xanoa: “There will be one. We will announce it properly later smile.png Maintenance - Sunday 28th October (Back to Winter Time ” You will do people out of a job xanoa

  • Quote from Power2All: “Quote from Riyoki: “Quote from Power2All: “Quote from Riyoki: “This change has completely screwed anyone on an unbalanced server... can barely get to narakkalli or holy tower on antri... ” Exactly my point, I'm on the same server.Elyos I guess ? ” Yep elyos, currently around 10-15 asmos on the narakkalli entrance.. most of them are fine but when one of them attacks you they all do ” Yep, asmo's also talking about this. They even laugh at this f-up, one actually claimed tha…

  • Quote from ReturningPlayer: “Quote from terent: “I hate to be the one having to say it, but every big update in every big game brings a lot of bugs. However, if you look at the list of issues, the number of the ones that are being fixed is increasing. Amazing, isnt it? It would be a perfect if all bug fixes worked smoothly and flawlessly. However, life is not so simple and sometimes unexpected complications come. Therefore, I appreciate that we got our shugo gold and luna fix today, that we got …