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  • Threads merged together -Siraya

  • Merged two threads. Pls don't open new Threads when there is alredy one or wait for the official one. -Siraya

  • Please use this thread for discussions and feedback on the new elite veteran levels.

  • Please write English on this Board. Greetings, Siraya

  • Quote from Neverfelt: “Quote from Click: “Arena quest is not gone, you simply have to check Hide/Show Quests level 65 below :P” omg you have right, lol, that damn option is not only hiding the blue symbol from quests, it completly vanishes the quest and even if you talk to the npc it doesn't have it on list. Many don't know about this, i asked like 10 diffrent guys, some said it is bug, other says quests are removed etc thanks man.” This issue should have been fixed since September 1st 2016 as y…

  • Quote from [NICK]zoeynixon: “i cant even open "Hero test" window because there is non on me :S” Did you start AION via Gameforge Live?

  • Thank you for the informations, please send more examples, if you have. Reported: 0076670

  • Quote from [NICK]cloror: “Since 5.0 a legion member and I noticed that our buff pets sometimes stop buffing randomly ''Buff Master'' skill just gets deactivated without us touching it” Can you tell me in which situations exactly this bug appears?

  • We try to get the fix earlier than 5.1, however I can't promise anything.

  • Quote from [NICK]zaffina: “Just stumbled upon this quest. Its one of the ones in the 'Refuge of Returnees' map. The NPC near the entrance gave it to me. Have to walk over to the NPC near the new Nosra teleportation gate and speak with him, which results in an error: load fail! Quest_Q29666.html (HtmlPageId 1011) (QuestId 29666) Quest: 'Level 66 Quest in progress: Off to Nosra'” Quote from [NICK]denkaslc4: “NtdYvhA.png moved into 5.0 bug collection Sita” This bug has been forwarded to Korea. Sour…

  • This bug has already been forwarded and it will be fixed with 5.1, maybe a bit earlier. Sources: (both in german) Link 1 Link 2

  • Introduction: Siraya

    Siraya - - Introductions


    Hello My name is Siraya, I'm 22 years old and one of the new Trials on this board. Some of you may know me from the german board, where I'm already moderator since October 2015. I play Aion since 2012/2013 and when I'm not playing, I watch Anime most of the time. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Greetings, Siraya