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  • Sadly the event is not worth to spend time on, i mean if you spend the time killing regular mobs instead, it will give u better rewards than actualy trying to drop x10 items for the quest, they should lower the drop rate on all the mobs on lakrum, less materials, less misc/gear to sell, remove shards etc That way this event will be worth to spend time on it.

  • Quote from Brudiletten: “lol don't you need the current pvp gear +15 to upgrade it to the new one? Why the fk would it be a waste then when u have to do it anyways.... ” No, you dont ''need'' the current pvp ultimate gear +15 to uptade it to the new one, ill make it clear for you. This is the enchange: -Current ultimate +15 ---- New ultimate +0 -Current legendary +15 --- New legendary +0 -Current ancient +15 --- New ancient +0 So, the actual enchange result if you start from nothing would be: -N…

  • The true problem here is not that our progres is slow due to lack of enchant stones, thats not the problem by itself, i mean the progres could be even lower with less enchants and still be okay, since everyone is under the same restrictions and suply. The problem here is that our delay between updates are pretty much the same as AionKR, this means that with our gear progression model, the overall level of gear is way too far behind to be in the same situation as AionKR had when the servers hit t…

  • Even if we get x1 legendary enchant stone every day, it will still be a very low suply considering the time left that we have between now and the new gear release. Still not worth to use them, at the end if you want to have the new set ultimate+15, you better save them all and use them directly on the new gear instead.

  • Quote from [NICK]xkoma007x: “Quote from Galeas: “Known issue: The description is incorrect. It says: This chest randomly contains between 10 million and 20 million Kinah. With a little luck, it may also contain between 50 million and 100 million Kinah. The correct behavior is : This chest randomly contains between 1 million and 2 million Kinah. With a little luck, it may also contain between 5 million and 100 million Kinah. ” Galeas it is incorrect too. "With a little luck" ... "With an unbelive…

  • 300 vengar mobs, thats wrong, they mean 300 ishalgen mobs

  • x1 Ancient pvp enchant, dude, i have over 1k of those, they are useless, even if you put there x100 instead of x1 it will be still the same -Senpai

  • Rip kinah in 3... 2... 1...

  • 5) wake up from the dream

  • Currently AionEU is under a system that gives pretty much the same ingame suply as AionKR (same quest rewards, same drop rates, pretty much the same on all this stuff) AionEU has few less ''free'' suply that really doents make a big difference at the end, (less additional stuff given for free to the players via survey/web/etc) but the gear progression its pretty much the same regarding ingame suply only, ''the free stuff'' Here it comes the big deal, Cash Shop suply. Currently AionEU is under a …

  • Yeah, its not clickbait, for those who didnt notice what happened, they added rng box with unintended crazy amount of kinah, ofc they took it away as soon as they realiced, too late anyway there is people that got over 4bilions of kinah for cheap aion coins. Kaisinel potions was not even close to what they did with this kinah box, funny thing nobody talk about this.

  • Sealiing scroll?

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    Basically when item is sealed it removes the boost/modify/sale/discard options and thats it. Lets say for example u got ultimate item +15 with perfect stats and manastones on it and u dont plan to touch that item anymore and its the best of the best, then you seal it and enjoy looking at the new lock icon in top of it.

  • Quote from Noisaka: “Can u answer us here please @Galeas ? ” The no answer is the answer, nothing gonna be changed, if you wanted to buy ingots with those vova coins, you basically get rekt. Same for the rest, nothing to stop those ppl to actualy get the rewards from arena season, no compensation for siege reward loss, and ofc no transformation contracts ingame, and the list is increasing, now we lose the entry when the server shutdown with no compensation, also not a fking word about the BILLIO…

  • Quote from Noisaka: “I've been with the same question for few days, if the vendor machine only allow us to get a Gold Bar per day, can we actually have the chance to not have any purchase limit for at least 1 week? that would be much better compensation than 30 Coins more.... me, and i believe many others are just interested on purchase the gold bar, so by getting the Coins 1 month delayed with no chance to buy all at once, is like getting nothing, coz i will just buy the Gold Bar and have to wa…


    Daeny - - PvP


    Quote from Murskaaja: “From +9 I went straightforward down to +2. Damn my stubborness hoping for succeeds. ” you mean like this ? unknown.png


    Daeny - - PvP


    Quote from Mika: “I can definitely tell you we need more sources of ultimate stones ” Dont worry, they will add them on the mega p2w prize of that p2w shugo thing


    Daeny - - PvP


    Quote from Mika: “Gameforge does not need to change the rates, they only need to make legendary stones more available (way more available) and ultimate ones somewhat not easy to get but still obtainable ” Ultimate stones are already obtainable, you can get the pvp ones from siege rewards and arena season ranks, and you can get the pve ones in dungeons.

  • We requested a 15% increase of the value of items when you sell it to NPCs. It was planned for the 24.10 but is not working.As soon as we get it it will be implemented. So, its +15% to the current value, in other words, if you sell for 100k now, u will sell for 115k after.

  • Info about tomorrow

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    Quote from Sparx: “Wait for the news and complain after, ok? ” You dont need to wait to know its gonna be mega p2w prize, wake up.

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “Well, there are some source of Stigma Enchantment Stone in-game. I remember about 5 of them dropping from "Crazed Anomos". But i don't remember if they were 'sellable' type of not (since the one time i was able to take part in the hunt for it, the League Leader made a mess at the 'loot' setting, and all the drops except the Weapon went to only one player). ” Yes you right, i completly forgot about that additional source, but still, a single player needs average of 150 s…