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  • 12.12

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    Quote from Goldiy: “How do you know that it will come back? ” Cuz there is a 7.0 update thread where it’s written that gold arena comes back as ?3v3

  • Lucky Dice

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    Just allocate the bundle from shop and keep them in ur mail. That way nothing will disappear, unless Gameforge decides they clear bags with dice every week, which they didn’t announce, so they shouldn’t.

  • @Galeas on the forum of another Aion server they put the rewards in spoiler right under the event description. Our board also have spoiler. Click to open (Hidden Content)

  • Ancient Transformation Chest

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    RNG boxes should be deleted from the shop. Rather sell items directly for a higher price than playing with peoples wallets and nerves.

  • As this would only increase their sales, the patch is very welcomed by Gameforge.

  • Lowering prices will definitely increase the sales cuz the shop was and is pretty overpriced. I’m certain there’s a lot of players that would spend money on ingame shop if the prices were fair, not a rip off, which would lead to an increased sale and more income for gameforge than they have right now. What, in my opinion, Gameforge does wrong, is handling AION as one of their Browser Games with probably 100x the player base of AION where they gain a lot of money from microtransactions for fast b…

  • Hey, at least they are honest and mark it as promo. In the past they would deny this fact and blame it on Korea, you know, “this way the event was designed by korea” blabla. I guess this Promo replaces the Shugo Game as promo we usually had together with lottery in december, and there’s 2 events coming, so everything is as usual, i guess.

  • Contracts

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    Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Nuke: “@Galeas since the topic is in discussion could you consider leaving the 2x free weekly contracts in the shop even after the introduction of hero trials? ” Just trying to be 100% honest. It won't happen, because we want to keep, as much as possible, getting interesting items related to ig activity. We used the shop only because we had no choice waiting for the HT as we said when we added it. But providing core items (it is until you get a transformation that …

  • shift + m MEMO PAD

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    Memo pad is a file that is locally stored on your PC. If your memopad is corrupt it’s ur fault

  • [GAME] Expand character slots to 12

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    Quote from Rym: “Delay is set by NCSoft. If GF could they would release the patch 1 week after korea. But NC couldn't care less about EU. ” Your sarcasm in lines 3 and 4 is a 10 out of 10

  • @Galeas one thing that bothered me today: Since 6.0 we got 11 character slots, but the Veteran rewards are still capped at 8/8 for old character slot system of 8 characters per account. Why is that? Will the Platinyerk system change this?

  • Quote from Noctis: “seen over 5 alrdy on deyla im still running around in a green one, true f2play ” You’re unlucky i guess. Active player and still green transform, while me, who logs once a week only to grab free contracts got ancient on 3/5 accounts already xD

  • BnS got released after Aion and getting Engine Update before Aion. Aion won’t ever see an engine update.

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Click: “I hope there’s Kaisinel Contract in the lottery ” As far as I know such an item doesn't even exist. ” Too bad cuz nothing else currently ingame is worth to spend over 1000€ for, unless of course there’s 20-30 legendary contracts to fuse them in the 24/24 cards reward

  • I hope there’s Kaisinel Contract in the lottery

  • Quote from Kery: “Quote from Kotori: “Unless ofc those Bundle of Noble Skill Cards for 40 gold ingots have all the skills available, including the ones from 5.8. ” So far as I know it only contains the old skill skins. (but never tested) ” I’ve opened around 100 bundles and only got the old basic skins, not even the tournament ones. This was on a korean test server tho.

  • I think it’s bugged and they got the wrong files for this. A Promotion with which they want to earn money can’t be THAT bad, no way in hell!

  • It’s not an event, it’s a Promo. Promos’ sole purpose are to get €€, Gameforge states that many times, hence the topic title says “PROMO” not “Event”.

  • Quote from Hekigan: “Quote from Click: “Gameforge doesn’t own Aion 2, if we get Aion 2 it’ll be a mobile game and comes from NC ” its already announced to be a mobile game by ncsoft. ” I know, what i meant is Aion 2 for our region. For now i’ve only seen korean commercial, nothing for EU