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  • So, Daevanion skills. Incredibly vital to making a class competitive both in PvE and PvP. I think that skills needed to bring a class to an acceptable power level should not be as hard to obtain as they are currently. Both in PvP and PvE Daevanion skills open up an abyss of difference in power level from people that have them to people that don't, and I think it is unacceptable that 4 months into the patch many people do not even have access to half of their daevanion skills, and there are some …

  • 6.5 First Info

    Vichel1 - - General Discussion


    Is there anywhere to see the Daevanion skills changed with 6.5? I can only find the new skills and normal skill changs, but not the changs to daevanion skills. In particular looking at assassin's Swift Heavy Attack, if anyone knows if it will be changed from 6.2 to 6.5 it would be great.

  • Introduction: Zapiel

    Vichel1 - - Introductions


    Hello and welcome

  • Honestly, just the 2 transformation contracts daily on each character are really good on their own, the extra rewards are icing on the cake. For once I have to side with gameforge on this one, its a pretty good event. As for constructive feedback, maybe getting people to do something to get the coins should be nice, like killing some mobs or whatever, just make it like a quest to kill 10 mobs or something that gives you the coins as a reward. Something more active than waiting afk for the coins …

  • Thank you Gameforge for this rusty coin event. I'm genuinely impressed, honestly, the abundance of contracts should help mitigate the problems and the coins are easily acessible. Hats off to you. I feel that as hard as I bash you when things are wrong, it is time to commend you when things get done right. This in combination with the enchantment rates buff should help with player satisfation.

  • Slot Stones are the new Kinah!

  • Introduction : Grendal

    Vichel1 - - Introductions



  • Aethertech open world pvp

    Vichel1 - - Youtube Videos


    Sins? Do any of those still remain?

  • Interserver loot settings

    Vichel1 - - PvE


    Can we make the interserver party loot fixed to turns and rolling dice for green rarity and above? This would solve all the ninja stealers by making loot for leader only and stealing it. Dred already has that loot setting, it would make things slightly more inconvenient for narakali but it should be fair.

  • "Just a matter of time". That would be fine for a legendary contract. But to be 4 months into the game and not having the basic contract that your class needs to function is horrendous. People running in green form, people running in unsuitable yellow form. Those are unacceptable when we are used to having scrolls. Others are not as lucky as you, you know? A lot of people are without a workable form, and it is extremely frustrating. Having such sources of frustration just makes people leave, whi…

  • It is always "very soon we will be having more opportunities to get contracts" and in the end it is always stupid rng on the level of "use x keys (which drop with a chance and you have to roll with a chance) to have a chance of getting Y key (which is stupid low) and use those Y keys to have a chance of getting the contract your class needs to actually function". Hero trials were supposed to be "soon". Everything is always "soon" but we are already 4 months in and a lot of people are still runni…

  • Can we have 6.5 enchant rate

    Vichel1 - - General Discussion


    Thanks. This will actually help substantially, and gives a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Much appreciated. At least enchanting ancient should be reasonable and satisfactory now.

  • Quote from Galeas: “Some people got ancient form from free contracts, so a few people that got it that way and some got only white and green and are not satisfied with the transformation they have. That's why there will be more opportunities to get contracts with events very soon also. ” I'm very glad to hear that there will be more ways to obtain the contracts "very soon". The problem now is that after being 4 months in there are a lot of people still running around in green transformations or …

  • I'm an assassin main with lura's patrol as my go-to transform so... Yeah...

  • Look, I'm going to be blunt here, the lack of transformations is a huge problem and this event will only solve it for a very few very lucky ones, because YET AGAIN the path to obtaining a transformation to make your class workable is locked behind multiple layers of RNG. Enough. With. The. RNG. Bulls**t. The whole boards are always telling you that RNG is killing us inside. All the time, when you ask for feedback. And what do you do? Put more RNG in the game, yet again, locking what is one of th…

  • PvE Rotations and damage

    Vichel1 - - Assassin


    I'd like to know the optimum rotations for DPS on a sin. Currently running dagger oath, apply lethal venom as good boosting stigmas and spamming quick edge chains, rune carve/fang strike chains, backstab chains on cooldown with weaves in between. I'd like to know when is the best times to use what buffs and once ive used them once just use them on cooldown, maybe better rotations, which abilities to spam that I might be neglecting and general tips on just not sucking. Also tips on being more con…

  • Enjoy the long term goal, much more important than the feeling of progress. Unless you get a +15 ultimate in a rng bundle that will sure ly come out sometime soon in the aion shop.

  • Quote from Senpai: “Quote from Alibi: “Really confused as to what you mean by this, seeing as this thread is over 4 years old. ” I was talking about only the 6.0 feedback thread. I editted it now, sorry for the confusion Quote from Alibi: “Are you saying that the items that were put in the shop for this week were already decided when 6.2 was released? Then why would they say what they said in the DT episode? Makes no sense. ” I'm not saying they decided that before or at 6.2 because I don't know…

  • Daeva's Tavern "long term goals" crap, that also was decided before the shop items and here we are now. That "shop was decided before feedback" does not take away the hypocrisy of saying a design goal is putting transforms and equipment as long term goals and then pulling this box nonesense.

  • "Ah, you guys asked to be able to get contracts easier, so we made it that a very lucky few who spent a lot would absolutely crush the rest via transformations. Oh and in the next shop update we will put the best pvp ultimate gear in a loot box too because you complained enchanting was very difficult and frustrating, isn't that exactly what you are asking for? And for the rest of you who dont spend as much or are not as lucky, well, enjoy your long term goals!"