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  • Show us your character's FACE

    Alibi - - Art corner


    Cleric 2K0n23p.jpg Chanter IonGaJi.jpg Bonus (Antri cleric alt and messing around in char customization when i was remodeling my cleric): (Hidden Content)

  • Since there has been a trend with adding armour as skins lately, here are two sets that are actually good and that the veteran playerbase would enjoy: -Primal spirit sets (example ) -Archon commander sets (60aug2 sets from 3.X - example )

  • Yeah it's buggy. From my experience, it seems like it bugs more on the first coin though, so normally i just check the first one and if timer resets or something i just relog and it fixes itself.

  • Further discussion/feedback - so for now i've been able to get 2 ancient transforms out of this event (one by combine, one from a contract and i have 5 chars) and i have a friend which has also gotten 2 ancient transformations out of it, which means this event is really great to get transformations. Yes there will be some unlucky people that won't get this so soon but the event lasts more than a month so you'll likely get something good regarding transformations. The fragments of the fighting sp…

  • Quote from Tornheim: “I have 5 Luna Lights and 5 special coins but I can't assemble them. What's the way to do it..? ” Right-click the coins to put them in your special cube, then shift+K>craft>morph.

  • Quote from Goldiy: “Quote from Alibi: “-Gender switch ticket is okay, but i think people would appreciate a plastic surgery ticket way more. Either way this one is whatever ” I dont know since when you play Aion but it's a 60min Gender switch ticket so you can change your char's appearence for 60min lmao. Just change it in 10sec into male and then remake ur char in those 60min as many times as you want into ur female one again, its not that hard. So its basically a 60min 'permanent' surgery tick…

  • Great job on making it so that everyone can get at least one of the chests per day. Great job on making it so that everyone gets a few set rewards just by opening the chest (emphasis on x2 contracts). Bad job on the other rewards, here's why: -No legendary pvp stones -Could throw class A minionite in there -The skin is ugly (okay this is subjective but) we had it as armour in 5.8 at some point. The worst part is that it's divided in 6 parts so instead of 1 useless reward you have 6. -Gender swit…

  • Quote from Vichel1: “Honestly, just the 2 transformation contracts daily on each character are really good on their own ” This is true, we should give GF some credit for this. Gj on this @Galeas

  • Quote from Lercer: “Moin, I'm just so free A random item from the unmarked list with the amount to be seen there and all from the red marked list. (Hidden Content) ” Am i the only one that finds it hilarious that the skin is divided by parts? 6 of them. By the way, what's the major contract? Asking because the [rune] contracts are normally called special. Is this green/ancient contract or is it special contract with a different name?

  • Quote from Bardinero: “Quote from Senpai: “Quote from i-always-say-xd: “So is there any way a f2p can get the full gear from the 3 shugos event, even staying logged 24/7 ? ” no ” Bra, u know how to motivate ppl. ” I mean, do you want him to motivate you or answer your question?

  • Not sure if this will qualify as "not following the rules" of the thread but i do believe that discussing things like this is definitely a form of feedback that should interest Gameforge. Also there is no other thread to post this and if i make one just for this, it's just gonna devolve into something that will be deleted in a day. Anyways: Quote: “First, we’ve moved forward the higher success enchanting rates from the future 6.5 patch to our current version. This means after the maintenance som…

  • Quote from Xanoa: “Quote from Daywalker: “Anyone has an idea about "Rusty Coin" event? ” not sure but maybe it's thisBoborunerk's Rusty Coin ” Last week one of my alt accounts randomly learned this morph. Take what u want from it. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Rym: “Yes that is a very good move, except one thing needs to be changed. The Legendary transformation contract to selectable legendary transformation contract. And it's good to go for EU. ” I mean, it's around 13€. Even for a higher price, it would be a miracle if they did this even with random legendary form. I'd say it's "understandable" for them to not go with selectable legendary form because most people are happy with having legendary form as end game, so they'd stop making a lo…

  • Quote from Keymaker: “Back to the topic of contracts, Yes there is an issue with not having ancients etc and people complaining about having to use a transformation contract, but if you factor in the old system of having to use a running scroll and attack/casting scroll. The transformation scroll is cheaper (though the price is inflated due to the kinah wipe. ” The difference is that before, everyone had the same run speed/attack speed/cast speed with scrolls. Transformation scroll is about the …

  • 6.5 First Info

    Alibi - - General Discussion


    Quote from Rym: “Custom delay present in the EU servers that directly provide unfair disadvantage to every class that needs to switch weapons. When you press the weapon switch keybind, your weapon is supposed to be switched before the sound even starts. ” Isn't it like that too at least in NA?

  • Btw i know russia prices are much cheaper than EU but just to have an idea, this bundle costs 999 rubles which equals 13.04€.

  • Quote from Lahire: “Not even after 4months,as u need duplicates to fuse, so the first chance to get a legendary by fuse will most likely be after several months ” Yep you're right. I edited the first post, sorry

  • Quote from Griver83: “And why not let people get random ancient transformation contract with every GP? P.S. even with 30 days cd ” Literally the best solution (with 30 days cd) because it's the most fair for both sides, community and GF and it's the most realistic. Following this, you'd have (assuming you only combine after 4 because it eliminates chance of getting a lower grade - edit: and assuming you already have all ancients): -After 4 months, 16,5% chance of getting a legendary transform th…

  • Quote from Rym: “Why not just request the change from korea where players can choose one Legendary Transformation Potion for their mains? The plot twist here is, that people who have gold package active in RU can send to their main character unlimited numbers of Legendary Transformation Potions, either that or they receive 1 Legendary Transformation Potion that lasts for the duration of their premium, 30 days I assume, and the idea is that the potion can be used indefinitely with infinite charge…

  • Skins in 6.2+

    Alibi - - PvE


    Quote from Ydri: “Well I thought a littleu can make another account, farm set. At main account craft ancient trash, trade it, change skins and trade back to main ” They're one time remodel i believe.