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  • Quote from nodeone: “They (minions ) are useless for now. The sources for Minion contracts are - ToC once a week, Neviwind Canyon and Museum and Narakkalli. To upgrade a minion you need for level 2 10k points ... sacrificing low grade minions gives you something like 50 - 100 points ... No one is doing Neviwind Canyon due to rewardless instance. No one is going there for 3k AP... but noone is counting insignias and box which can give you Bygone and some valuable rewards... But however ... due to…

  • Quote from Galeas: “So far it seems like the number one is the favorite without any doubt, let's hope the 3rd one will please you more. ” Its not voting for which event is the best. Its just which rewards are the best. The first shugo is mindless, boring and not enjoyable at all! Only reason it was done was for the rewards. Personally i didnt do 1 key shugo and i actually enjoy the current shugo. Sadly the rewards are not even worth logging in for.

  • Every post on this forum get harder and harder to do without showing my anger. The rewards for the one good event you have a year, are just nicks balls hitting the player base in the face every second we are logged in.

  • PVE/PVP Build, Gear and more questions

    Alurru - - Gunner


    MB cap is 3.2k so you need 6k to be capped in nara XD Where are you getting your info from. hot dam Quote from Senpai: “6. With endgame gear, food and candy, I think you have enough accuracy for PVE and PVP (except block classes), I would focus on getting knowledge socketed and some magic boost composites. ” Also, What did i just read ? Edit: You should focus the wing things on getting accessories as this is where you will notice the main dps boost, with the pve attack etc. You could even jump r…

  • Ban inc for client mod :>

  • Quote from Evita: “But why do you NEED +15 gear? The bonus on damage is not that high as that you wouldn't get more through manastones In PvP its clear, damage mitigation, for PvE I can imagine more HP? I saw Cinereas post about a premade, with minimum 20k HP - so that would explain for me why you would need to enchant the gear When I read around the forum, most are saying that endgame content is easy anyway (only Narakkalli doesn't seems so easy? - not talking out of own experience, just from w…

  • I think you are at the point where you have two options: A:Please the players B:Have no players. simple stuff I already have other games installed waiting for your announcement

  • I give up. goodbye

  • The shop update set the tone for the "solution" that is to come. They value APES at 100kk ish each on the shop. So any solution will only reinforce that valuation. The sad cold truth that Apes will remain P2W VIP item. But i am still here because i still have some hope. So just have to wait for the announcement regardless of when its comes. Quit or play that is the true question.

  • Quote from Unknown Asmodian: “Quote from iduk: “Because they prevent massive abuse of getting estimas they getting blamed for that? R u serious? ” Oh, and when they will prevent the massive abuse of getting endgame weapons and armors just shopping?They reduced new servers, especialy Grendal, in a pay to win hell where non paying players have to fight against wallet warriors full equip. After one month of life. ” Duh. That was the entire point of the new servers.

  • Well. I guess as always the shop gives the real answers to the questions we are all asking. 100 Coins for 1 ape. I can promise you that since that is the case, we will 100% not get a solution for apes in game that is even in the same galaxy as the solution thats needed. 10/10 gameforge. Also take note in how i didnt insult or swear once. Was difficult and should be appreciated.

  • More like a really bad birthday present from a terrible dad you never see or hear from but shows up every now and then just to make you feel worse.

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Lahire: “@Gameforge @Galeas Can you communicate to them that the community is decreasing, that they are loosing client day by day? We require actions NOW, not "soon". Tell them they need to stop the bleeding or when they bring their solution it will be late. Revert the luna changes, all of them. Then bring your solution. We are not going to wait few months for your solution. PD, sharing my own luck or better said bud luck... 14 days, 2 characters playing actively, …

  • Quote from [NICK]n00b: “Quote from Galeas: “Quote from PapaSchultz: “@Galeas last day before maintenance any serious news ? ” hello, I have nothing new so far. As mentioned on Friday, the concept is still being worked on more in the details right now. I do confirm that we want to make it happen as fast as possible but I can't say when it is going to be ready (for now). Hopefully we will be able to provide you with specific details about what is going to be done exactly soon. ” So even though 99%…

  • Quote from Colombiana: “@Alurru just say me please about what u tell here now what for fck this have with Luna ? Bot stay bot what more to say... ” 10/10 What more to say? Try English

  • Any good pvp mmorg?

    Alurru - - Daeva's Playground


    Ive not played a single mmo that comes close to aion pvp, so i suggest private servers. However WoW pve is amazing.

  • i hope severs stay up this weekend so i dont have to do 8 narakkali again D: :>

  • Quote from Zeca: “Quote from Pericol: “When the hell u will implement new sources for apes can we get some answer this year or what ? Are u all retards in this company we need them in game not only on shop. ” Unless they add 100% drop for everyone in group, untradable APEs in Adma/ele/Kroban/Arkhal, then theirs choises they will implement will be ..... People will not afk those instances. This is theirs jobs, and they take 1 or 2 years to decide what they wil do, when any player thats PLAY the g…

  • See what choice they make with the ape drops. Then make a simple choice. Quit or play, They clearly dont care about the community, they dont care if you protest, they dont care that you are unhappy. So just find another mmo. Currently i spend my morning looking at other mmos, the first thing i go to/look for is a cash shop. Because no chance im going to go through the suffering of p2w on another game.

  • Servers down

    Alurru - - General Discussion


    Quote from Click: “Hahahaha... well, free reset is nice, next time it happens I hope it's on Friday so I have time to actually use my new cooldowns :v Guess someone got mad cuz not getting anything useful in Shugo Game @Alurru ” Excuse me. I got 7 boxes of our great and mighty lord. 10/10 kinah waste