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  • shift + 11 issue

    kolina - - Help & Questions


    i have an issue with it really, i try not to use it but sometimes i just press f11 and not f12, and it goes to a tiny window, i set everything back to normal and it looks fine, but when i close client, and switch it back on again, my character is really dark skinned like covered in shadow, and surrounding on the other hand is brighter than normal. and no matter what setting it try after that it just won't go back to normal, have to reainstal. is there a way to fix it or atleasy disable it so if …

  • Cleric 6.0 change

    kolina - - Cleric


    does anyone know if cleric still be able to use cloth ?

  • Quote from Galeas: “I actually already forwarded that after I reviewed some discussions about it last week. It is not planned to have it at the moment. ” u know what nevermind XD

  • Quote from failboat: “I didn't say it's the best option but it's the easiest to implement, as they already developed this system. I also want this change applied only for the smaller instances, as they can do this per instance. ” tbh they should do this in all, cos they starting to changing loot in bigger ones too Lok for me, GoK on Piton for my friend the other day, and even some on Narakali, i know Narakali there is the key issue when someone rolls it by accident but it is less of an issue tha…

  • can u please make reward for loosing neviwing smaller like it was before? cos fed up with 20+ ppl being always AFK. Now they dont even bother moving ;/