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  • who will compensate me for the 30 seconds I lost reading this qq nonsense? mfg, take a dice, roll 6 times and try roll a 1,2,3,4,5,6 that will keep you busy a while..... if you are still bored try do that with pulling 24 cards out of random decks of cards and end up with 24 different ones... see you in the next century

  • we got survey for x-mas, was that the final survey or? to me it didn't sound like that storyline ended there?

  • well yeah mookie is right, but can we also get some answers in between to questions? if you don't give us any then for sure all talk will keep going in a lot directions..

  • just a question: didn't we get other potions last healing camp? these seem to be the old ones again. p.s. what happened to the recovery tea you got from the chocolate quest for a few weeks? also not there anymore

  • snowflakes: good, like someone else said, linking f2p event with p2w event in this way to me is fine. other events: I'll hush

  • f2p events, free to participate but pay 2 win. well ok outdated rewards, a lot qq, but if you want to be a billionaire or op geared in 1 day from clicking a npc then you don't really belong in a MMO. Thing that totally concerns me is that GF has little tools themselves to get players back online and really doing something. All these "events" are afk or logging in stuff. if the drop rate of 1 snowflake is like 10%ish from instances NOBODY will come back to play and group up. me personally: I woul…

  • yes for sure people are forgetting being angry because of the events, it's crowded with players! Aion0076_2.jpg

  • an answer is answer, content of it is irrelevant here. the whole December event table is an early April fools joke. they forgot the whole aion celebration so they are making it up now and we will get half a year of April fools events. Mookie: thanks for replying, have a nice weekend! Gameforge: well amm, nvm

  • lemmie get this straight.. someone asks about a non topic, get's half an answer and a reply: "At that point Click, can we switch over to the shop thread to discuss those topics. Thx" someone else has a fair question, because he spend 2.500 euro on aion coins, just asking for a small explanation. the question is on topic and is totally ignored again?..... I know, it is policy and therefore not a personal question

  • Ty Mookie for the info just small question, if you know there was a problem this morning, why don't you give earlier info? now forum qq, lfg qq for hours, seems that all the qq wasn't needed if we just had small info...

  • (and no, there won't be anyone at GF, getting billions of serums and feathers to make those feathers manually) of course someone will: " we can't manually alter anything in the game"

  • just out of sick curiosity I decided to do some numbers. if you do manage to be online 24 out of 28 days (it's the holidays for crying out loud, mom will kill you when you are online at x-mas) the chance to get 24 different cards is roughly 1 in 2800. that is if all are evenly distributed and they are not................... so dear players, please do think 2776 times before you buy more Thank you Gamforge! love you mookie! (nice dude, deserves better) and yes sirmi those are the numbers for the …

  • in my humble opinion an event should be based on entertainment value and not sickly high valued kinah. Christmas Season 2015 - What is happenning? well if you print it out its a long list!.... if you have a brain and a pen however and delete the bs, there will be not much left. if I put a x-mas tree in my house in oriel is that also an event? if all players do that per minute the list can be much longer!... and the calander joke (it is a joke right?) one click to get a chance of 1 in 10.000 for …

  • "hopefully make you forget that anger in a flash" OMFG I never saw so many angry players............. 1 op geared alliance is taking all the loot, like 200 others would like to join and flame and shame gf now. BRILLIANT

  • ingame pop-up telling who the winners are? I would lmao, would be in direct contradiction with what they say about not being allowed to post playernames who get banned..

  • 12? I know more than 20, but I agree, there is ALOT of them and spawn time is stupidly low. some composites are cheaper then the golden ones with single stats.. I have 1000 HP! will I be general soon?

  • Ty Mookie, good solid reply! and to rule out further discussions on that personal topic: I like the dude

  • Im totally sorry if you got my intentions wrong, i'm a human being and make mistakes by giving a short reply that might me interpreted differently. And to clarify: I did not reply on my own question, it's just more of a general trend some might notice. I was about to say about Mookie: I don't dislike the dude! but I don't even know if it is one, hence it can not be a personal issue to begin with. Thank you for your reply and enjoy the game

  • Mookie! I think from now we can just check the forum a week after events and enjoy what could have been if we fill in the banks of the info afterwards? please do make screenshots from the next one, I will not be bothered to make one screenshot of a boss that stands ALONE in Akaron again.

  • Mookie! please do have a coffee and post more "I´ll check on that." You had no clue they existed and they would be a money maker in the shop? Or you are still gathering info from 4.0? Or you have no clue what is planned anyway? It's not a personal thing, you do your job according to guidelines, it's just the lack of info, the structural denial and dodging that gives a higher entertainment value then other attempts to lighten this game.