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  • What is Ranger spot right now?

    [NICK]golder - - Ranger


    Quote from [NICK]isilutgard: “even out dps'ed by clerics...” lol and about screen - hyperion summon adds and some ppl attack them and some ppl attack boss for higher dmg/dps CLear test - its training dummy 5-10 min

  • Solorius Lottery

    [NICK]golder - - Event & Shop Discussions


    Quote from [NICK]drunky: “ If u cant see sarcasm in his message than gg ” Irony and sarcasm are not the same

  • Quote from Rym: “ Clearly the events were not pay to win, just as Nick told us.” ??? if u want win something good in that event u must buy cards. If u not buy cards - u get nothing. I posted screens and only one of my character got some items. U can check winn list and check cards If that not p2w event - i think I live in other world

  • Quote from Evita: “i wanna see the person standing behind you with the gun forcing you to do sth” that person was man in video - I trusted him

  • Solorius Lottery

    [NICK]golder - - Event & Shop Discussions


    I think SOLORIUS LOTTERY not fair event but we saw words of bla bla man (about p2w) Cards will be deleted during the server maintenance on 7/1/2016. So they have time to think about consolation prizes coz ppl waste time for "no p2w event" but got nothing. If u think what this is "qq nonsense" - thats your big problems I hope u will recover, in the next century

  • Quote from Zalia: “We don't ignore you, but most of us are in christmas/new year holiday. I think you will get an answer from Mookie when he is back. Cheers Zalia” I hope his answer will consider my lost 30 hours of my life Cheers Golder

  • Why Mookie ignore me? I think event when player waste time (30min every character) and after he get nothing - its a scam ~20 days * x3 character * 30 min = 1800 min = 30 hours. GIVE ME BACK MY TIME !

  • Quote from Gravitality: “I guess thats it for the events now they really made us forget our anger in a flash the only event we hoping to get is the merge” gold words but snowflake wasnt so bad (coz of tokens coz good items we got from there)

  • Solorius Lottery

    [NICK]golder - - Event & Shop Discussions


    Tomorrow event end b3e7060f3248.jpg d49495df385c.jpg a44ba8e3dc37.jpg Tell me , [GF] Mookie, why i got NOTHING ? Is that coz its was total p2w event ? But that gy thumbnail_ask_aion.jpg said no p2w events will be I'm confused ps: few saam sht, potion and 5 revivel stones does not count

  • percentage - variable. I hint about buff what will give drop chance like that was before fix UG ps: Pixel - lol. So why u playing game with pixels?

  • Quote from Saykuun: “Kid, when they say its xx % drop chance increased, it means its xx % out of the normal chance drop of the item. If the item has 1% or lower drop chance, that 85% of yours means nothing, cause 1% with drop event w/e number 85% is just 1.85% drop chance. And keep in mind some items have way lower than 1% drop chance, so just calculate your 85% drop increased based on the item drop chance. It will result you're wasting your time with bullshizz buffs. 8o” THX captain obvious bab…

  • dunno what ali did more dmg but i took 3 place of all. Got reward (spaulders) I think its trash event. Its like "okay noobs with low online - we will give a chance for losing virginity" I though what that event for balance. Coz at pvp inst enemy has better gear not coz they waste many time for ap and medals. They have better coz they have biggest online and they taking boss without event And that 20 min for killing and after death - new boss wake. OMG 20 min. If next boss wake up after first - w…

  • Quote from [GF] Mookie: “ christmas time when dreams come true :D” Quote from [GF] Mookie: “Not On My Watch ”

  • Quote from Rym: “No. You will not receive a replacement.” I asking Mookie

  • Quote from [GF] Mookie: “It depends what questions are asked” can u change my prize ? from that post Durable Glider i know what i cant sell it. But i think thats not fair. All items what we can win from 4 chest - we can sell/trade. I really dont need that wings. So can u change my prize ? ... for grendals box christmas time when dreams come true

  • Quote from Aries: “How do you guys enchant those event things to +15 O.o mine fails L5 like no tomorrow even from +0 to +1 8o” they dont care about real chance of ench from 0 to +10 with l5 and NA and RU tests. That did those chance of ench for that weapon/event. Like -1 lvl if u fail between +10-15. I drop all my kinah in to snowflakes. Not +10 but thats ok. I Inurement to that. But shugo game 4x fourth chest and i got gs bag (attack speed slow) l5 and 3 apes (something good first time). From t…

  • need 50 gemstone each cost 5kk. Total 250kk Or u can take hyper, runa, rentus wep and go to makarna and get top wep with stats like up grendal and keep 250kk ps: and for upgrate u need bow +13-15

  • Quote from Click: “ U get normal Grendal which is in no way old trash. ” difference between Enhanced Attack 33 (6x5attack stones) accuracy 72 (~3x27 acc stones) magical acc 21 (1+ stone mag acc) total 10 stones difference when full set has 42 slots for stones. Old trash. Ofc for all low instance and pvp its not so important but difference big Quote from Click: “ Other stuff will give you +13 rank 1 eternal AP stuff.” they did something with ench chance. I have 2 wep more than +10. Every time i l…

  • And what with comanders weapon? If i combine grendal +15 with comanders wep - they will take my comanders coz i not make it +15 and just combine with allready +15 wep ?

  • Hot Stuff buy chest - make +15 and ... And what? where i can read what weapon i will have? Enhanced or trash from old patch ?