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  • Hello, I used 1h scrolls and totaly i had 8 buffs. After some minite my scrolls were gone. I am sin I could not over buff my self and also any moob dispeled me because I was doing PvP. This issue happened me also when i was on mount and when i unmount i lost buffs from abyss :(. I dont know how to preproduce it. I buffed my self with chanter mantras to 14 buffs and i was fine. all scrolls all buffs were up. I dont know what you scrude in patch but randomly I am loosing scrolls or buffs pls fix i…

  • Hi, will you put this skins into the shop finally?

  • GF Shop updates

    [NICK]dobr1k - - Event & Shop Discussions


    Hello, when u finnaly update the shop with new candies and new staffs which were added in 5.0? Thanks in advance for answer edit: moved to the correct section and merged into the shop update thread Sita

  • Hello, In Saturday I used Lodas Golden Star (7 days) and in 1h later I entered Kamar BattleField. If you enter to similar instances all your buffs(scrolls, healers buffs) are removed. Well my Golden Star has been removed too. I think this is bug. If the item is for 7 days than it shouldn't be removed. So now I just lost good item to lvl up faster :(. So thank you GF :). PS: Please fix it asap.... and do not forget to inform us. Thanks

  • PvP gear for now and future

    [NICK]dobr1k - - Assassin


    Hello all sin players, I would like to ask you which PvP gear I should go for with vision to the future. Currently I am 4-star with 2-star PvP gear +15 and 4-star jewels +5. How ever I am counting to reroll on Rank 1 mythical would cost me too much medals and AP but enchant 2-star to +20 I think it is waste or not? I dont want to start something which will be completetly waste of time/money/AP/Medals when 5.0 will come. So should I wait or is there something I can do. Thanks in advance for repli…