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  • Maintenance

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    Maybe im gullible, but to me, it seems like were getting the 400% + 100% permanently, until the event is over. Which means, we no longer have to renew it.

  • Mist Butcher, the High Daeva skill, overrides transformation candies. Slayer form, does not. Intended or bug?

  • I really enjoyed PvE, but as Katyes is saying, it's just not rewarding anymore and it feels like a big waste of time. Would be great if there were some incentives to make PvE a thing worth doing again.

  • Kumuki Instance As Permanent

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  • New Abyss Gear - choices

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    Quote from Click: “Well I'm not even sure it will work in combination with APES, according to PowerBook: Quoted 6. You will now be able to use Kinah in order to get the same effect as if you had Supplements when trying to use Enchantment Stone/Manastones.” In here, it's been phrased in another way, and there's no mention of a specific enchantment stone. Might work for APES aswell? 4. You will …

  • No adjustments are being made while trying to alter any of the facial details, except for Facial Ratio, thats the only adjustable one. Altering Customise face and Body details seems to be working though. Is this happening to anyone else out there? edit. Server Deyla-Asmo side