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  • Daevenion Skills

    [NICK]aulia - - General Discussion


    This company is basically cheating players. I spent months farming kinah and the value got reduced drastically and when I buy 2 skill boxes from shop, I get same Daevanion skills. 200 gold bars down the drain, month of kinah farming down the drain. Highest level of mmorpg greed could only be seen in AION.

  • Are you serious? I am a level 72 cleric with pve gear and this Elyos Loki assassin apparently spent her yearly income (of about 3000€) on gear just to kill me with two clerics as her back up.I have no idea why this is such a hate related game.

  • Hello everyone, As you might know Gameforge is an excellent company that comes up with world class management ideas on how to manage RPGs. Trustpilot is a site that as you may all know has reviews written by users to improve user experience and create an idea of the company. I would suggest you all to read the reviews of gameforge on truspilot and also give an input of your experience of this great trillion dollar company.

  • Seriously...these quests are a f'in joke. I tried the Esterra Hero quest today. took 2 hours to finish it in an alliance on Loki Asmo. The Loki asmo side is so frikking underpopulated that it makes Antarctica look like China. One of the worst ideas to make hero quests on enemy maps which is only suitable for geared 75+. My whole alliance was wiped out by a group of transformed elysos who are already high in number and gear (thanks to p2w and fortress domination). I am giving Gameforge and its st…

  • PVP and PVE

    [NICK]aulia - - Bard


    sorry I forgot to mention. @Click its for Songweaver - Bard Quote from Click: “Depends on the class really. Prigga + Abyss might be a good combo, however if you aim for +20 you will get PvE Attack on Prigga as bonus. Bygone, Antriksha or AP will give you pvp attack bonus if you go 16 or higher. AP + AP less overall stats but most pvp attack = way to go if your class allows it (for example ranger) (Antriksha + AP 2nd best PvP attack ~ good overall stats) Forget about eternal honor, those items ar…

  • PVP and PVE

    [NICK]aulia - - Bard


    Guys which is the best pvp combination? Eternal honour + bygone atreia Bygone + 75 abyss prigga + 75 abyss 75 abyss + 75 abyss or any other combos that you know. please avoid antrishka and narakalli combos.

  • Quote from Anariashola: “I already made around 300kk, cool event ” Selling what? shattered spinels and adding yourself?

  • As usual, another useless shitty event with rewards that even the NPCs threw back at our faces when we tried selling it to them. You never fail to meet the lowest of the low expectations.


    [NICK]aulia - - General Discussion


    Loki always fails during events and it happened the same today. Please restart server.

  • Quote from nodeone: “After all these modification and solutions who from GF will take the responsibility for lowering the server population? Yesterday's siege - 300ppl in league (including afk alts)! Antriksha asmo side... ” 300 People? Lol..Agree its quite shitty but we at LOKI asmo side had 180 people including alts! Now We have a TS meeting on sunday to discuss about sieges since we can no way beat the elyos. This has what the game has come down to.. opposite factions making deals for sieges …

  • Quote from Sebivine: “Quote from [NICK]n00b: “It's a step towards improvement, but a bit disappointing to be honest. Luna was a much better alternative, an easier fix. But I guess Gameforge have big ego's right @Galeas ? It's hard to apologize and admit a mistake. If I get the quest Gain 300.000.000 XP and I afk in Hell Pass, that's pretty much the same nyerk people were doing before right? /s ( you couldn't really afk Hell Pass with huge profit before, I still hold that position ) I can say meh…

  • Quote from Kelberas: “Quote from Nagrio: “Quote from Galeas: “ * Kill Arkhal * 1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone * 2 times ” For this, you still need basic gear (start users are f____ up Quote from Galeas: “ * Gain 300 Honor points * 1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone * 1 time ” I bet this will be only saturday or sunday ( pray for win in PVP instance)Quote from Galeas: “ * Kill 3 Elite Enraged Calyda-Priest (spy)/Tarha Assassin (spy) * 1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantem…

  • @Sita @Galeas Can you tell us how exactly Mechanerk's weapong factory can be done AFK with an S rank or A rank run? I have one simple question to you both. Explain to us the strategy which you use for an AFK run of this once per week instance. Why did Gameforge nerf this ? There is no way on earth an AFK 'S' run could be done in this instance. This was a pure greed based nerf.

  • All you guys had to see was a couple on APES on the screen.Mathemathics and logic are done here. This not even a middle ground. 21 days for 9 apes per char and 1x +8 manastone (not considering the mats). And assuming your are 73-75. anything lower then forget the elite OW mobs and 40 elyos. Now this is a genius way to make players get more alts to 71+ for Arkhal and Library. All you had to do was implement apes in the 's' rank of luna and remove the horse mobs and king saam mobs but no. You had …

  • Quote from Kelberas: “Quote from Iana: “I only want to enjoy the content of the game that is a free to play game and be able to obtain everything as everyone. ” It's a good wish. Create a game on your own, and look how f2p pays off.Quote from KenjiWen: “And you honestly believe that you can enchant your gear while grinding? Think again. ” Right now i can enchant 1 piece to +15 with current apes price. Within 4 days worth of farming.But i'm just waiting for alternative solutions, and\or APES pric…

  • Quote from Stray: “Reward list looks nice, but I doubt there will be a solid chance to actually drop those desired items, as some people already mentioned what they got. Probably some balance/fix. Also no broken crystal balls? Disappointed . ” Crytals balls and bronze keys are there. I have mentioned the 5 items got. not more than 2 keys ever! "Balance"

  • Major drops for this even as usual 1. Saam king's herbs 2. Drana coffee 3.Shattered spinel 4. Ceranium medal (even koreans spit on this sh*t. they removed it from the game yet Gameforge thought it is a worthy addition to event) 5. Jakunerk sh*t. like serums and +2 / +3 manastones. Long live Greed. Well done GF. Another p2w even withing a week. Worst of the worst ideas seem to pop out of your as*ses even in your sleep but 1 good idea is very hard i guess.

  • After 145 pages of all kinds of suggestions, what do I see in the shop? 1. All powerful stones + supplements 2. Feathers + Holy serums 3. Manastones 4. Godstones 5. Shugo tokens (AP gear / PvE gear) 6. Event chests (AP gear / PvE gear) 7. Wings 8. Instance scrolls. 9. Cosmetics (pets, mounts , remodels) 10. Every other sh*t that was nerfed. You name it, you will find it in shop. Infact a player who can spend 2k today will be as geared as someone playing for 2 years or even more geared. But today…

  • Quote from Amazeballs: “Quote from Vespir: “Quote from Galeas: “I don't have any date for the presentation of the plan yet. And as mentioned before, the plan will be presented before the implementation and not on the same day. Hopefully, this week yes. The plan will be about all items that were modified in Luna, so manastones included yes. ” One more thing, was there any discussion about future iterations of the "Go Hunt, Daeva" event specifically about how unsuccessful and just generally bad th…