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  • So,how you make kinah now?

    Shaokahnn - - General Discussion


    Quote from Click: “Put an item in broker worth 300kk kinah. Spam instances on alt to look for the shugo that drops the Daevenion skill books. Once you found, recruit on LFG that you sell the loot - buyer buys ur item on broker -> you invite him and he gets the skillbook ” But the skillbook isnt 100% drop chance

  • I Have cooldown on sheep eggs tho i never bought one. Amazing

  • Im the best beyblade,spinning class rerolling machine in this game . Dont hate the player, hate the game. P.s My guess is that 6.2 (we skip 6.0) will come out in november/december.

  • 6.2 First Info

    Shaokahnn - - General Discussion


    Quote from Xanoa: “ ” Are those new high daeva skills? can we get proper translations ?

  • Idk how this all got turned into pve rank subject, but does anyone have the updated Hero Trials quests timetable?

  • Server Merges 2018/FAQ

    Shaokahnn - - Help & Questions


    I have a question, i have 2 accounts and one of them has conflict and im moving my elyos to deyla, the second account has 8chars lv66+ and it will take 7 days to delete the char. Therefore i cannot create a conflict before merge on that account. Will i be able to still create conflict or apply so that my second account is able to move to deyla, after first week of merge. As far as i know the transfer windows will be up for 3 or 4 weeks after the merge. Im on antriksha server

  • Quote from [NICK]ciotau: “(4 times per week with 4 fails ” If you cant succeed narakkali easy mode, honestly man.. what do you need the upgraded gear for?

  • Quote from Click: “1 untradeable APES in this vending machine is worth 1500 Aion Coins. Great pricing right there. (Lab scroll 49 coins -> need 30x for 150 Shugo Gold -> 1500 Aion coins) ” Why would you price the apes in such a way? That's ridiculous , this wasn't designed for walletheroes to cash out on reset scrolls,but as an additional way of obtaining apes/serums and other valuable items by playing the game and doing what you're already doing anyways. Not to mention the exp and all the possi…

  • Quote from Lyneza90: “Yes leader mobs drop 3 bouldles and named mobs drop 10 boundles for EVERYONE in your party! Seems like the guy who made the matroshka event hadn't had to do anything with this event because it is one of the best event i have ever witnessed! ” what named mobs?

  • icon_item_colored_matroska1.png [Jakunerk] +1 Matryoshka It's very self-explanatory really, doesn't take a genius to figure it out. We need matryoshkas in order to have some HOPE of getting any of the items listed above .

  • icon_item_enchant_exceed_01.png All-Powerful Enchantment Stone to enchant gear many r needed, most ppl going for +20 and +25 and ape prices are really overpriced atm. icon_item_equiplevel_02.png Magic Stone of Level Reduction (100%) lvl reduction stones very low supply, very high demand. Ones gathered from luna on alts r no longer usable for the untradebale gear.

  • Soulstones and ways of farm

    Shaokahnn - - Suggestions


    Definitely yes to adding quests to PvP instances.But in a way that cash shoppers cannot abuse it. For example adding 1 daily quest for runat/kamar/Shugo crappy instance (BMR) This way you cant abuse it with buying scrolls for extra rewards, tho u can buy scrolls if u keep losing, atleast its not that game breaking. Farming PvE instance makes no sence to upgrade my PvP gear, specially an endgame instance which requires good pve gear.

  • Lvling up in 5.8

    Shaokahnn - - General Discussion


    So i have been told that exp in instances has been nerfed to around 1/4 of their original value. GoK duo with the 250% event is giving 50kk exp per mob... which imo is no longer worth doing anymore. Adma/lab exp has also been nerfed, i assume other instances too. I dint see written anywhere that the exp wouldve been nerfed, but tbh i only briefly read the patch notes. So the question is where to level up in this patch?

  • how long does an account have to be innactive to become returnee?

  • SM 6.0 Skill changes

    Shaokahnn - - Spiritmaster


    The layout looks neat, easy to spot differences. Got for other classes too?

  • Aion EU Community Discord

    Shaokahnn - - Daeva's Playground


    Is trading allowed?

  • I haven't played at those times, but its so highly spoken of and of how great it was that ill vote yes. Perhaps not permanent at first to see how it goes.

  • When we reach 4stars on the shugo game u get one random item from lv8. Can we obtain items from the nyerk fever too? or just the basic lv8. Moved to the correct thread. - Fregion

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

    Shaokahnn - - Suggestions


    Quote from Happy: “Hopefully GF makes the smart move and merges Hellion + Antrishka, Deyla + Grendal. The Antrishka + Grendal merge will just make people move to deyla and give birth to yet another depopulated server ” Because turkish on lfg isnt enough, we have to also deal with spanish..

  • Quote from M&M: “Quote from Shaokahnn: “No its not a charity organization, but remember these hero quests were designed to cope with the luna nerf which was available for ALL kinds of people.These instances you talk about were badly designed to be unrewarding and has nothing to do with the luna nerf. Adding quests to 'endgame pve instances' will only reward players focused on pve, meanwhile others fall behind. If you suggest that they add quests for said instances, i'm sure gameforge will probab…