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  • Quote from Galeas: “Just to clarify something. As you can imagine I didn't give incorrect information on purpose or just because I'm answering randomly to questions. I'm always checking with the team before providing such answers (especially when it's that important). We prepared the FAQ and patch notes to cover most of the topic/questions and that was the number one source of official info. And then I was trying to answer as many questions as possible which I did (I was posting really a lot rec…

  • i would like to thank you for your job same as other who did 5h grade math and that u did job that Aion team is PAID FOR afther u did finish your own work/school/study and that you did it for free and u did it quit right when some incompetent person in aion team responsible for this and is PAID FOR IT did not do hes/hers JOB that person should be fired. thank you

  • Quote from Celes: “Dear players, In order to give a better balance to the game, the probabilities for the “Terrific Transformation Chest” will be changed. Indeed, the chances for getting the ultimate transformation potion have been to high and the ancient transformation potion that should have also been part of the rewards was missing. This will be changed today and the shop will also be updated accordingly. Also, as the ultimate transformation potions are now in the game, we’d like to let every…


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  • @Galeas @Celes Can we know a nickname of our monetization expert of Aion and have with him a way of communication in any way/shape or form now or in the future?

  • @Galeas @Sparx So how many players who play over few years with they class met any group with gladiator or sm in 6v6 pvp or open world and want to re roll to glad or quit any pvp at all bc right now this F***** Koreans, bunch of incompetent "developers" (that can copy from past developers katalams and black desert online) , gave GF this CRAP called 6.2 ( not full patch) where any glad starting with ancient armor pvp and legendary weapon can wipe party that do not poses those classes in legendary…

  • @Galeas make Aion shop pots and contract tradable via broker so ppl who have cash but not time can donate and sell them to the ppl who have time but no cash, u will have more profits and players will have some additional option to get it.

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

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    delete pls

  • Aion 6.2 feedback execution

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    @Galeas i was playing through 4.5 till 6.2 my thoughts - Blinded implementation Korean system design for Korean region with not enough custom economy changes for our region Aion EU population was (still is) 60% play2play player 40% (max) pay2play, most ppl use their time to farm/craft/etc to buy thing from broker to stay competitive, right now its not possible bc (paid best pots, transformation, manastones,) are cash shop and cant be bough of the broker (and this is how economy worked for X year…

  • @Galease @Sparx Since new sells limit is 16milion kinah to npc, will you explain to me how can i afford to pay the 16 milion kinah rent for my palace and buy anything at broker or use ingame stuff???????????? and u bloked posibility to pay for our houses just today without any notice?????????

  • Quote from Galeas: “Quote from Orange: “@Galeas I demand answers to this topic, u all ignore it like this problem would not exist, stop hiding head in the sand ” Not hiding anything those are the original values from the patch. ” these is not what I and others are asking, we are asking do you guys don't see how harmful it is? and will you do something about it (change these rates) u could change rates for serums so why not this?

  • @Galeas I demand answers to this topic, u all ignore it like this problem would not exist, stop hiding head in the sand

  • @Galeas I don't know who came up with these numbers and what school that person had finish but let me explain you guys in plain English why this is: 1.unjust & immoral 2.irrational 3. harmful for the market and players and had to be change... * * 5.8 * 6.2 * rent decrease % * In "old kinah" prices How much rent had increase compared to 5.8 prices (8.7 mil to 1.3mil new kinah (1 goldbar) = x6.69 times devaluation) * increase of rent in % compared to 5.8 * Palace * 20.000.000 * 16.000.000 * -20% *…

  • @Galeas Will we get similar event (…power-up-week-returns.php) before 6.2 ?

  • @Galeas It seams that i have to describe to person who designs event step by step in the plain English what is wrong with current event design BC i have more knowledge and game experience then sadly PPL who get paid for it. 1#Biggest Event Flaw Bosses: -fixed boss spawn - result both faction at the same time gather as much ppl as they can (bc if they wont other faction will and they will not be able to kill the boss) - Berserker form - the buff on boss (at agro if Berseker form will not be kille…


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    @Galeas adding this +12 manastones was a bad move 1) it affect pvp a lot 2) its extremely hard to get (no way of crafting +10 to +11 or +11 to +12 3)it shorter and shorter time to new patch 4) most end game ppl already did spend alooot of resources to socket +10 in all set 5) most of this gear is already untradeable and ~ +25 result: so we as end game players are in really really suck position: we either would need to spend again a lot of cash to buy new +12 (they cost a lot now and there are no…

  • @Galeas This weekend had been a issue with Sky Island Battleship Invasion ( since 5.8 we finally get this part of a patch and this was doable our server was doing this weekly event (at least elyos side) but recently was some issues 1) 2 weekes ago this event did not trigger it self as it should at 19:10 sunday on elyos side 2) this sunday 07.05 Box of All-Powerful Enchantment Stones was not part of a drop at all (it use to be 1 box for every person) [Jakun…

  • @Galeas Let me give you my first 30 min feed back about amount and rewards included: generally directions is relay good but: 1) reduction stones should be selectable not random - since new gear is untradeble and lvl 80 (falusha, new abys, graywolfs) and currently we got only one sucre of it ( 1 stone not even 100%) per 7 days (luna) [maybe [GF] Mookie will balance it in future events bc he/she sad it but since few weeks nothing happend] 2) this new skins and stuff are nice (and some casual playe…

  • Rifts

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    @Galeas The Issue here is that there is only 1 big rift every 2 hours when in 5.6 there was not only 2 big rift every 2 hour + 10 or more smal rift every 1 hour - this was good at this time for open world pvp and so on. in 5.8 right now duo to the new garnizon system and HQ (in some days) this is no enough -ppl need to travel to opposing faction to accomplish weekly garnizon estera/nosra q and daily q for this garnizon (pvp one for graywolf insignias) therefor there is even bigger need then in 5…

  • @Galeas @[GF] Mookie You guys going NA way (to much to fast in shop making no need to play the game to get it )To much events in to little short time (last one was broken and abuse there is sooo much stuff that is so cheap on broker bc from the last event and this is END GAME stuff) The prices compeered to value of items had not time to recover - did you guys cheak what prices are for endgame gear at broker? what is a point of doing the instances if items are cheaper/easier accessible from event…