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  • Quote from [GF] Mookie: “Quote: “Heya Mookie, can we have the Rune Tribe skins from the Insignia of conquest? Remodelable on every type of armor plate on cloth etc Not with stats” We sadly can´t modify armors directly or build our own items. Since there is no skin version of those armors available the only option would be to sell the lower stat armors which have the same skin (like: High-ranking Rune Warrior's Holy Cloth Tunic for example). Not my prefered option actually. ” What about adding th…

  • Heya Mookie, can we have the Rune Tribe skins from the Insignia of conquest? - Remodelable on every type of armor plate on cloth etc - Not with stats Cloth JBQJuad.png Leather 48prLNh.png Chain jYpfzqE.png Plate GUZFNLG.png Now imagine this skin in black, how it would look evilish on this tiny little goblin :3

  • Have fun playing on NA then, nobody's keeping you here o/

  • I remember Elyos qqing about this thing on Spatalos as well, for once Asmodians were organized and immediately they were outnumbered 1v5 according to Elyos ;D

  • Introduction!

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    I salute you!

  • Enigma - Deyla Elyos - has this issue as well. Asmodian side I haven't seen it yet, but I guess contribution points are worthless either way.

  • Revelation Online

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    Entry limits, that's a huge bummer and one of the things I absolutely hate about Aion

  • 5/7 would watch again

  • Elo/mmr system in Aion

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    Just remove the JMR/KB/Arena etc cooldowns and reduce the rewards to like 10 hp for a loss, 20 for a win, 2k ap for a loss and 5k ap for a win. Now you can farm and have fun at the same time. Works like a charm in other games but only Aion forces you to play everything at specific times.

  • Smaller font please -.-"

  • Those honour bundles are fun, I would like to see them more often as reward! The RNG part is kinda fun, you either get something really good or something really crappy from the 20 insignia bundle. SYuwkkW.png

  • Quote from [NICK]atrios: “Quote from [GF] Mookie: “Quote from [NICK]horus2125: “Mookie can you please make that the mobs give us exp again? It was really helpful for chars that were leveling up. 45+ lvls are really boring...” I´m sorry for the delayed reply. The official answer I received from NCsoft is that the change is intended and that the new and old Shugo Dungeon will no longer give experiene when killing monsters. This change has been implemented with 4.8” It does not give XP, nor keys ap…

  • Quote from Gravitality: “Anyone will bother and reply to us?” I can reply but it won't be useful.

  • hyperion wepon/armor box -.-

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    Quote from Delian: “That's what you're thinking now because you've been unlucky. But if you had 0 pieces and were at the start, then there's a good chance you'd choose the random option. So it's just your personal opinion based on your "unlucky" experience. All the people that were lucky would disagree with you.” No, it's from a statistical point of view actually. Given I have 20% chance of a drop, that means that on average, I will see 1 drop every 5 runs. Given I can do 2 runs a week, this mea…

  • hyperion wepon/armor box -.-

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    I rather have 20% chance of getting the item I want. I've done kata almost every week on my ranger and still missing the last part. This has been going on for 1.5 year

  • Nobody says you have to spend money in the shop.

  • Quote from [NICK]zorach: “Well I am one of those lucky (or unlucky) ones to get the Weapon drop from "Antriksha" (on Anuhart Elyos side). Now why I say "Unlucky" in here? Because I got Awakening Antriksha's Sword on my "Ranger".” That's what I got from killing Antriksha as well... It's stupid that rangers get melee weapons they "cannot" use but bards for example, always get what they need. And because the topic was closed but redirect here: Quote from [NICK]surfasspata: “In spatalos, we asmos ma…

  • I noticed that L55 has a (too high) amount of twinks. It's impossible for undergeared or leveling players to even compete. After doing 3 arenas in a row with only twinks, I deleted my other tickets and decided it was a waste of time.

  • Questions answered for new Rangers

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    I've been playing ranger a lot since the release of Aion back in 2009, not all the time but most of it. I've had different rangers through time, twinks, non-twinks etc. This guide is mainly focused to get you started and not around end-game. As I get several questions a week on how to play and what stigmas/manastones to use, I've decided to share my opinion here in a guide/list of questions. I am Level 65, what gear should I get for PvP? The best choice to get started is Strife gear. This is dec…

  • This is what the average chest looks like to me, most notable rewards: 2x cloud box, dye bundle, 2x powerful scrolls (1h), supplements & legion coins & ceranium medals on alts which I won't ever play. I've been opening chests daily with 3 characters and got pretty much nothing. In the meanwhile others got billions worth with 1 character. 5l0fNLE.jpg I rather see events where everyone gets something decent. This is what my average event looks like, full of nothing.