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  • Hey! We captured all 4 bases in the map of the enemy faction. We got this message: "The Asmodians have occupied all of the garrisons in Esterra so additional reinforcements have been dispatched for the Esterra Shield Troop." We checked all 4 bases but there was nothing anywhere. So can someone tell me what is this all about?

  • The Enhanced Growth Serum can be put into the broker but ppl cant buy it because the search doesnt work for it..

  • The events lasts until 27.12.2017. So i can still gather the snowflakes on 27th from 9am (until midnight i suppose) right? Can someone confirm this pls?

  • 6.0 First Info

    Disharmony - - General Discussion


    Very interesting changes, I am curious how the game will look like after 6.0, for now it looks promising. I saw also there will be skill changes/balance for classes, probably it is too early to ask about this, but if someone has info about any skill changes dont be shy to post it

  • Hey all! My suggestion is quite simple. Please make the new godstones more available, because currently they are extremely rare. In my faction i saw maybe 1-2 from each of them since they got introduced in the game which is pretty disappointing. Me and i suppose other people as well would like to enjoy these new godstones, but it wont happen like this. Even if someone gets one and want to sell, he wants a total nonsense price for a godstone which will break in 1 month. Getting them from events l…

  • The first shugo was finally a well rewarding event. And right after this you put Trillionerk with these rewards? Are you serious? Did you compare the rewards between the first and this shugo? So useless to even go 1 run/day. It is not even worth to go for the keys and sell them cos they are very cheap in broker 5kk or less. You showed us again how to make a useless event and how to nerf it to the ground GZ.

  • Yesterday i did all the abyss weeklies and i still have tha same amount of points that i had before that. Is there any problem with the event? I hope i will not miss my points. 12hour passed already since i finished and i still have the same points.

  • Servers are down again

    Disharmony - - General Discussion


    Since the servers are up again I have 150 ping instead of the normal 30-40. Please GF what are you doing? Also other ppl from my server have the same problem.

  • The estima and the golden stars were a pleasant surprise, a good point in this event.

  • I didnt expect much more, since we get every year the same, but at least a bit more then this. When I saw what the NA region got, I felt disappointed.

  • Quote from Galeas: “I didn't mention it, but of course I am going to keep reading what is being said here and especially regarding the last update I just posted. And I will forward it, as I did for the previous feedback/opinions on the Luna changes. Regarding your Feedback @Click: yes Narakkalli is quite hard and that's also why the Hero trials are being considered as well, as an "easier" way for most of the players. ” My opinion about the last update of this topic: Updating the Hero Trials is a…

  • 5.8 AP gear prices

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    Hey! So as I heard you will able to get the new lvl80 accessories if you upgrade your current ones(lvl75) to +7. I have a question before i start to upgrade my accessories to +7 like crazy: will we have the possibility to buy the new accessories from npc? Because if yes then i might just gonna buy them from npc so i dont need to risk the get the current ones to +7.

  • With this change we got an other evidence that you Gameforge are bad in controlling the game. You made a very big mistake that you didnt think on this before the patch came out. Nerf something after 4 weeks the patch came out so drastically like you did now with Luna is really sad and it tells a lot about your attitude and skills.

  • The only event which i dont bother with at all. This is an event for very rich ppl, not for normal working ppl. Quite sad that you put it back from time to time and you only give 1 card free per day, it is not even enough to joke with.

  • Quote from LonestarX: “Quote from Cuteone: “Quote from HardToPlayBard: “PvE weapons get PvE attack when upgraded after +15, wings don't get any extra buff ” Ty for the answer. This explains cos my weapon is Prigga.. and it is marked as "pve"... this is quite nyerk imo. ” I don't know what you expected if it's not fused with a pvp weap.. I mean if there's no pvp stat to buff, then... ? ” It is fused with lvl75 ap.

  • Quote from HardToPlayBard: “PvE weapons get PvE attack when upgraded after +15, wings don't get any extra buff ” Ty for the answer. This explains cos my weapon is Prigga.. and it is marked as "pve"... this is quite nyerk imo.

  • According to aionpowerbook weapon from +16 enchantment level gets pvp and also pve attack. I have a +20 weapon and i only see the extra pve attack applied while the extra pvp attack is missing. Can you pls confirm, that this pvp attack should be applied also or not? I can post also screenshot if you want.

  • The untold 5.6 changes.

    Disharmony - - General Discussion


    Hey! i saved some bundles from Luna as you suggested. Here is my statistic (I mention only the most important stuff): Hell Pass: Daily bundle: From 21 of them i got 3 apes. 7 days bundle: You can choose the level reduction stone (and two other luna item for craft.) Weapon factory: Weekly chest: From 7 of them i got 3 serums and some bundles which each contains 5 new ap potions, this potion bundle is tradable. 7 weeks chest: You can choose 15 +6 manastone bundle or 100 mighty supps (and one other…

  • Why do you open 4 new servers despite of the fact that even on the current servers the population is not high at all?

  • I dont get it how can you GF make such a st d move. 4 new servers really 4????? I really dont think that the current servers are going that good that you can open 4 new ones. The result will be that even more players will leave the current servers. Congratulations GF! This will lead to server merges anyway, just matter of time. But I bet that in some months you will give the possibility to transfer from one server to an other ofc for a nice amount of aioncoins. Then if the old servers or at leas…