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  • Hi guys, you helped me a lot But now my glad friend has a few questions. How much crit does he need on polearm and on duals for piton ? And how much accu to maximalize his dps ? Sory for my bad english again and looking forward your help

  • Old ofi 2* set +15 m. ress or magic sub ?

    donsius - - PvP


    Hi, im playing a bard, recently i changed my old ofi 2* set to the new abyss 75 lvl +12. And im thinking about resoceting my old abyss set to m.ress or magic sub ? What option is better ? I want use this set to survive buried silence, or buying a bit of time to heal myself. Sory for my bad english and thanks for your opinion.

  • Thank you very much for your help

  • Im much intrested in this change : -Creativity system has been reorganized, the effects of primary stats have been increased. A new High Daeva skill has been added to each class. Im kinda intrested how many more magic boost and crit spell will be having compared to our stats nowadays. Obviously assuming the same amount of knowledge. Edit1. I think i will be doing a full prigga cutting-edge set +10 for pve or is there something better to get for pve ?

  • What set do you use for pve ?

  • Long way to go ive got now on by bard 4,9k mb and 810 crit spell. Ty for info

  • 5.6 First Info

    donsius - - General Discussion


    So now we got for example an appolon noble ring +5. Now in path 5.4 for having this ring +5 we got 2,5% pvp defence. So in path 5.6 every enchant of this ring will us get PVE defence ? I meant that in my ealier question. Sorry for ma bad english one more time.

  • Thank You very much so assuming piton is the hardest boss i shuld make my pve stats like 4712 mb and max crit spell i can get ?

  • 5.6 First Info

    donsius - - General Discussion


    Guys i heard some rumors that in 5.5 -5.6 enchanting apollon, kroban accesory will be giving pve attack and defence instead pvp attack and defence. Someone has some info about this ?

  • Hi, guys does somebody know how much magic boost do i need to cap piton ?I heard that 4,8 k mb is enough, but i dont know if its true. Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your help

  • Thank you i didnt know this page

  • Hello guys i just switched from sm to bard. (my legion need one for python) and i have a few queastions. My bard is lvl 72 -105 creation points -4900 mb -2550 mac -780 crit spell This are my stats full buffed (food,scroll,magic boost mode). im using prigga weapon combinated with ap 70 lvl. So i have cast speed and attack speed from weapon. Im using atk speed scroll, and attack speed gloves. Where shuld i allocate my points to maximalise my dps ? How does your pve rotation look like ? Thank you v…