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  • Quote from Pokey: “Quote from pervertpeewee: “now you cry when Asmo having some bigger numbers? get real dude and now have an taste of how it does feel beeing the underdog faction. ” such a typical attitudeI’m guessing your asmo am I right? Ye? A lot of asmos seem to share the same attitude that you think your pro in your numbers but when it comes to 1v1 you can’t hold your own! Wait dont think I can remember last time I ever had a open world fight with an asmo! The only thing asmos can do is Ze…

  • Good it got sorted tought il did blew up 500 eur without getting the bonus, but got all the rest of coins now time for more shugo tokens

  • Quote from Pokey: “All the promotions for new and resisting players to join the asmo side all the buffs and freebies easier to get gear and now look! Every server is asmo dominated gameforge have to f**king clue how to manage this game What’s the point in playing when every single server is 4x asmo than elyos?? 6.0 isn’t gonna fix this sh*t like I hope it would but gameforge putyingvtheir stamp on the game have just created more and more damage Gameforge for us serious players please give up the…

  • Quote from Click: “Quote from Thebaby: “Quote from pervertpeewee: “Really nice 45% coin bonus guess santa is true time too fill up 400-500 eur then go wild on shop ” u mad bro ? ” He's just trolling. I doubt he even knows how 500€ look like. ” Nope iam not, and il have spend alot more then that during some of the events its kinda needed sometimes, but il dont mind support GF since they make all stuff good for us, and they do fix alot that we want too. PS baby il got new ingame nic ,) il give you…

  • Really nice 45% coin bonus guess santa is true time too fill up 400-500 eur then go wild on shop

  • Keep in mind they gaved us an gift for free, so they tought about us the Community players thats a nice thing tbh they are not forced too give anything, it's the thought that Counts remember it and enjoy christmas all, happy christmas everyone ps would love too see an coin bonus soon again

  • the buff working as inteded dont forget ints not about grey items the drops of crafting materials works with the drops rate too and helps out alot for all of us craafters out here, so its an welcomed buff for me for sure, not all drops have too be mytich too be good you know ,)

  • il see many angry ppl here, dont get why too tought it was really fun did use 5000 luna that il had saved since old shugo game from luna boxes, goes quite fast when hit that buttom decent rewards too, but il do like shugo more. But gonna get some more lunas for sure Sita an question are this gonna be added too be up hole time same as on NA? Best regards

  • Cant reaaally see why soo many ppl complain on this new good system, you aall have chance keep stack up good items from elite vet every 3 months, now when so easy make kinah its really simpel keep buying GP too gert all the shinny stuff and stack apes and all others too have for up comming exp, Always this meh meh as soon GF makes something good for us the players, there is Always 8% players thats Crying over an good fix.

  • voted NO cause server ticket would make alot server really unbalanced and ppl would try search for its faction who is most dominated and it would just result in an bad population on the server it self, what shud ppl do then keep jump around all servers nono.

  • ppl complain about GP price cause Went up? why? if pl dont like the price use your own Money too get Aion coins and buy the gps your self, none is forced too buy Gp, but keep in mind iits us spenders that keep alot of game alive and brings alot too the broker for good prices. Ok bk too the topic: il do like this new elite thing, but iam still confused if those 20x gp dont add game time at same time during this time we can add new vet rewards?

  • love lottery, il do like gambel same with shugo, and when its fever and it goes vivasaaaaaaaannnn ,) gonna get 500-800 cards or soemthing on friday try my luck

  • Really nice with snowflakes tbh and if you got 40x chars too pick up Daily its an really nice kinah boost for sure and some very good items, thing is ppl just too lazy make up lots of alts too take good advanatge of such events.

  • Thumbs up shugo love the shugo Always alot of loot got my self 1000 tokens, and also bought 20x of the new chest with apes and got 3x64 apes and the other was 2x.8x etc not got an stack of total 500 apes saved and ready for next big uppgrade

  • Bump it up, we need alot more fear gs in game, we shud be Abel too enjoy all those new gs so could you put them mayybe in bag on shop?? could be an rng bag for lets say 99 coin per bag maybe? want doubel fear godstones,

  • Quote from maximos31: “@Galeas Reasons for this: A) In case that a particular character gets insanely nerfed in PVP with current 5.6 gear one SELLS his gear and STARTS another by buying new gear and continue playing. In 5.8 untradeable one QUITS AION and simply has ZERO NADA NONE motivation or strength to farm/nolife this whole insane gear again B) In any case of gear progression in tradeable system the population gets tiered in gear aka: Any time the top geared sell their +5ap accs to mid tier …

  • Gearing up help

    pervertpeewee - - Help & Questions


    Too make it short for you and very simpel, pve: healing boost set, you can fiind cheap real cheap on broker now Days since they made the nerf on Gok- garden of knowledge Ap- is abyss gear, lvl 75 used as an magic reist set for pvp. Bm- is battel medal gear mytich version lvl 65 used as an started semi block set. if you wanna go all in on cleric play pvp/pve you will need: following: 1.block set, mace shiiled with fullyy block. 2. magic resist set, mace shiled fully mr slooted. 3. Hb set- healing…

  • Suggestion: Server Merge

    pervertpeewee - - Suggestions


    Dont get what all talk about in here tbh, antrishka is just fine, they have get rid of alot of the bots that use too be all over the maps so iit might look like Little less ppl but there is not its all good, lfg is full of ppl enough too do things with, or you go with your legion friends. Ps il hope they dont touch the new servers too, imagnine all the hard work all those ppl have put now too get good ranks, and all new friends they made there too enjoy and have some fun ingame, dont see why you…

  • Quote from Click: “@Galeas Gameforge thinks that 9 UNTRADEABLE APES in 21 days is a proper solution? Impressive calculation, I would like to see the sheets of that with the different factors. Or was it a dice the guys were rolling? Sounds more like it. ” Yes 9 is more then enough, but you are probally un patience like most other ppl, why you want soo many apes? save them up then use its 100% now too, dont get why ppl still complain when GF have improved the game soo much. Quote from Balthazar: “…

  • Quote from [NICK]n00b: “Obviously this was implemented for the same reason as was Enchanting Accesories, Feather, Bracelent, Wings, the "Minion" system. etc. etc. This will be introduced as a pay-to-win element, or at least, pay to achieve the same results 100 times faster than your average free-to-play-goldpack-user. So if you want that extra slot, prepare your wallet, or play for about half a year to achieve the same results. You can feel free to quote me on this and say I was wrong when it ge…