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  • @Galeas Again GF providing us with wrong information. Tell me what can you do correctly? And 1 key for the person who loots it first omg thats so much you should make that rng as well come on you dont want to give away free keys now do you? You guys make me sick instead of going into the right direction and making the game a little bit better you keep making it worse day after day. And you talked about helping new players by giving them exp boost ok i can understand that but what about old playe…

  • We need drop rate boost not exp boost. You can easily go from lvl 1 to lvl 80 in 1 day. Give us drop rate boost ty. And put makarna scrolls in shop.

  • @Galeas Please add Makarna reset scrolls to the shop or make the ones we get from siege tradeable via broker

  • give us makarna scrolls FFS.

  • i would have preferred makarna reset scrolls over this stupid rng box. Im a guy who spends around 300-400€ monthly(when i play actively) but these rng boxes are ruining everything id rather pay 200€ for a legendary contract for example then buy these rng boxes so you are just losing money. @Galeas Again please add the makarna reset scrolls to the shop. Ty

  • @Galeas Having makarna scrolls in shop will increase your aion coin sale by alot idk why you guys havent done it so far. Instead we get stupid rng boxes like really? Do something good for community ty.

  • can we please get makarna reset scrolls in shop? Ty

  • Pretty sure if you guys add makarna reset scrolls to the shop they would sell alot and hopefully tradeable through broker. @Galeas

  • Makarna scrolls

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    Can we get makarna scrolls in shop? or make it possible so we can reset it with luna because not every1 can attend sieges and there are factions who never win sieges so they get 0 scrolls. Me personally i can only play on the weekends so i can only get 1 scroll a week, it would help alot if we had another way to get scrolls. Ty