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  • Servers are down again

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    one guy is using a botnet to put servers down

  • i already have done a report, but i dont have printscreen but one friend took some prints of him saying he is doing this, last night he was talking on lfg if we want to see a magic trick and stuff like that and not much long after boom server down, i also ask to people of my server report that guy, i have shout the name today on the lfg in the hellion server asmo side, and talked to some people, because now its weekend but on monday if he remembers to do that on siege time it will be kind of a d…

  • Hello all, the issue is some guy is doing some ddods stuff and is overloading the server, i already talked to him and today like a few hours ago i asked him to do it again and he did, yesterday he done it 3 times and was talking about it in lfg in hellion server asmo side, he said the gameforge already know him and aparently he have done this stuff in some other gameforge games, someone told me i cant give names here, pls someone tell me the proper way to deal with it, i already send a report wi…