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  • Im positivlely suprised that we can get it actually for FREE without AFKing all day I think that this is nice action towards some players who do not time to stay AFKing all the time in this game, I like it and hope we will get more event like this one in future I agree that this RGN is a pain, hey, @Galeas - if you planing to do similar thing in future I suggest introduce two kind of RGN contracts (if they MUST be RGN according to GF politicy): 1) magical one (for people who's main characters ar…

  • Quote from Senpai: “Quote from [NICK]criticalshotx: “Can someone explain me what is this "hero trials". I quit the game and came back, don't remember anything like that? Thanks in advance ” system only for Aion EU where you can do daily quests to get contracts, enchant stones, kinah, ... ” actually we do not have it YET, so @Senpai you should wrote: "system whith will be introduced (dont know when) only for Aion EU where you WILL BE ABLE TO do daily quests to (PROBABLY?) get contracts, enchant s…

  • I totally agree with all people said in this topic... solutions implemented in NA AION seems to be very promising, I wish them all come into big succes with players and online,cuz they doing really good work You guys from GF done an ... "average good" event whith is a AFK festivals, but still even if daily online on serwers seems to be not tragic, is still the same hot problem from my point of viev - its extremly hard to find a group of people to do the most interesting PvE instances in evenings…

  • Quote from Griver83: “And why not let people get random ancient transformation contract with every GP? P.S. even with 30 days cd ” that's brilliant idea! nowdays buying GP does not make any sense for me... what give us GP? +2 entrance to HT???? posibility of trade items, in game where nothing special / worth can be traded by player-player (optionally main-alt)? @Galeas, could you forward this idea to GF staff ????

  • the moral responsibility for this type of incident is borne by GF and NCSOFT - the more they inhibit the development of players and hinder their "normal" game, the more people will behave so horribly

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Grzyb - - General Discussion


    Quote from Fregion: “A server restart will not fix that issue. We need a new crafting list for this year from NCsoft. ” Region would you explain it better? we are supposed to have a completely new list of item craftable from luna? with things whith we couldnt craft in 2018?

  • taking into consideration the current situation with kina Im also vote for moving or also putting the machine in Lakrum! I do not want to waste kinach for teleports :< Im also hoping for changes in Shugo's Machine reward. The reward's price are too expensive, many people whith I know also think the same.... and on the top of that - having todays active Gold Pack is under question - cause the "rewards" are not too attractive .... (not tradeable to main character / not good enought / too expensive…

  • Narakalli last boss

    Grzyb - - PvE


    I think that now narakkali is easier than before, no need to modyfy this instancezone Problem is with newbie who do not speak english or are afraid of saying "hey what to do on last boss, cause I have no idea?" prsonally I prefer honest people, if they speak english I can always explain them last boss mechanics kicking on serwer-wide? I do not like this idea, when I search for group members througt serwer-wide option I'm using "whisper option" before click "enter" and ask peole do they speak eng…

  • the current project director heard about our complaining at topic of p4w (pay for win) and just taking some action like a real men! now this game is a completly new dimension of p4w (pay for waste) XDDDDDDDD well to be honest I will not be mad if during shugo game some people can acquire random usefull stuff (but definitly not the best like violet or kaisiel transformation/pots or not a boundle of kinach - Im felling that's not OK (they are like a bad joke just brutally throwing into center of f…

  • if this would be like GF telling certain people (choosen random or by any calculation) to switch fraction just because of balance... it will be catastrophe (some people created groups in with they do everything together, some people are very social and want to keeps they friend list ect.) and I wouldn't be very happy about this... I also play with my friends and do not want to be apart from they... in other hand if this would be in the basis of people preference I think there will be a big chaos…

  • I hope you trust that this will be fix next week will turrn into a fact. but reading the 'red note' in serwer-wide recruitment group (whith says that you must go to the instance etry and then creating a group) make me suspicious....meaby GF planned doing something lkike this for some time???? I do not like this change

  • @Galeas - meaby it is possible to add an EXTRA NPC to the town of both fraction, in this particular NPC all chaacters would be able to go instancezone????? cause in unabalanced serwers situation is already very bad.... i am also a PVE player and donot fell very happy when a zerg of asmo killing me alone in open world :<

  • Confusing senstence !

    Grzyb - - General Discussion


    Quote from Sita: “there seems to be some confusion you can still enter server wide you just need to go to the entrance to apply there or form a group this was the case before 5.x anyway ” @Sita, @Galeas - can we expect that this mess will be repair in near future and we will be able using serwer-wide as day before today? for some instance the entry was showing up only when you fraction have a garnizon - thats big uncomfortable right now :< sometimes somebody from grup need to go to main town for…

  • Quote from [NICK]rahnxah: “I cant spend in cashop atm. Pretty low on funds this month. I dont really want to eat only white rice and apples this month just because a videogame. Videogames are for enjoy them, not to suffer them. ” I have a feeling that you so desperate and addicted to the computer game - have a break, go for a walk, and remember - you life do not depends on what gear you have in AION...

  • I believe when @Galeas was says "this is not possible... not supported from NCsoft" he mean that it is not "impossible" but rather something like "this is too much work, GF do not want used this solution cause of hight probbality of mess everything" and yes this is an easiest option in terms of us, players to have balanced serwers... but when I think about many big and small things whitch one goes wrong during for example patch changes (example: a mess with adena to gold bar changes) im not sure…

  • @Hitt, thank you it's genial! I was always feel soooo irrytating when it comes to search anything usefull when GP rewards were resetting! and I remember aion community suggested some fix of it but...well ..its was never come ;/

  • Contract shop is ridicolous

    Grzyb - - General Discussion


    it would be greatch xd but GF never doing that...we all know T_T

  • NA economy changes

    Grzyb - - General Discussion


    do they have a kina nerf as well? or they have lower price and unchanged kina price for selling item? anyone knows?

  • New player

    Grzyb - - General Discussion


    Im a pve player, my life is also frustrating XD 1. to check online: ask google 'aion eu online: and you will see all serwers status 2. I think that for pve the sorcers are the best! it is not litterally "range' class but... love it. For pvp purpose I think that a clerics/chanter are very good - try to kill it and do not lose patience XD mission imposible (if they well geared) 3. a very good advice from bottom of my heart: unless you play at least 1-2 months, do not use item shop - at frist know …

  • Elyos vs Asmos xforms

    Grzyb - - Antriksha


    hey Fregion, can we see a video of these mystical tests? I also wuld like to see video how much stones a GM must used to enchant any part of violet set on +15 (if it even possible) can you forward this request to a people working for GF?