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  • and the price from 12€ to 500€

  • people crying about p2w on stones are beyond clueless, who would pay 20€ for a single legendary stone

  • 150€ in 4 months is considered p2w? Wow. What is behold then? Besides, he spent on forms not ench stones so what nonsense are you spouting now? I got also full ultimate garrison besides 3 items and i didnt buy a single stone from shop. I had vr accounts tho

  • rule n°1: never buy any gameforge made rngbox

  • why is everyone complaining when obviously this box isnt a better deal to get the legendary form than the basic contract already available from the beginning for 49ac. This is just a bait for cashers to throw their money, f2p players should be happy that cashers get almost nothing out of it It would instead be much more of a problem for f2p players if the legendary would be available as a direct purchase for 200€ because every casher would get it.

  • Why everyone is acting like its a waste of time to do the crafted gear? you're gonna need to do tons of crafts for the fragments required to upgrade garrison gear anyway so nothing is wasted here. If you're a healing class, be smart, make full armor aerot ultimate and maybe also weapon, and focus all your enchantment stones on accessories. And obviously, dont waste enchantment stones on crafted gear (besides some gold ones to make it +3/4)

  • I dont understand why you guys are still crying about p2w on this patch, litteraly noone spend 10k€ to get 50 stones, the geared people that you see are people who actually dont wait for enchant stones to magically appear in their inventories, they craft so they can have ultimate without needing ench stones and at the same time having a stock of fragments to use to upgrade the garrison gear when they will have enchantment stones. Or they have tons of VR account. Yes there's a real problem of sup…

  • Btw. 10 ultimate stones is a huge amount. Do not insult other board users -Senpai

  • Quote from Lahire: “Quote from Behold: “Well thank you for this event and I would like to utter a simple and a frank question of: ARE YOU SERIOUS ? ” nobody is forcing you to cash, if you don't like the rewards, don't cash ” I think he already cashed a whole salary on the previous coin bonus to prepare for his favorite whale event. Too bad the rewards are balanced this time.

  • Why did you have to do maintenance this wednesday? you still didnt fix the coop ranking bug and now most people got their points reseted while some people didnt. So AGAIN a lot of people wil get robbed from the rewards that should be rightfully theirs. Why? why you just couldnt wait 1 more week so we could atleast get the rewards on this season, since we also got robbed on the previous season. Losing 12 ultimate enchantment stone is NOT a small matter. its more than what 50.000 of your sh*tty ev…

  • Aion is aion, you dont play it if you dont like it, doesn't mean that we should get broken ranking system who favors people boosting themselves and leaving arenas 24/7 against real opponents. And i highly doubt you can p2w anything right now besides maybe the transforms, and thats far from granting you a free win, i've killed countless of people who use legendary forms by now. But hey, people likes to cry about pay to win despite the fact that the cash shop has never been as empty as it is now e…

  • Up, this is getting ridiculous, i dont even get a single fight out of 50 arenas, either noone enters or people drop out. Something needs to be done about this broken system ASAP @Galeas Giving ultimate stones to abusers who wouldn't be in top 30 if the ranking would work like a normal ranking system in any game is NOT ok. NCSoft knows how to make a proper ranking system since they did it for blade and soul for exemple. Gameforge should request changes to be made asap.

  • Quote from Alibi: “Quote from Aura: “Low geared people are not meant to compete for the top ranks anyway, so why would it be a problem if low geared people can't leave anymore? ” By that same logic, low geared people are not meant to be matched with top geared people anyway.Sorry but not everyone wants to sit through the frustration of having absolutely no chance. ” And they wouldnt, because they would not be able to abuse the system to be in high ranks anymore so they would meet very few geared…

  • Points are not created out of thin air, if someone gains points, then it means someone else lost them.

  • Low geared people are not meant to compete for the top ranks anyway, so why would it be a problem if low geared people can't leave anymore?

  • I'm getting tired of getting empty arenas all the time because people leave, they dont wanna fight opponents they're not 100% confident of beating. This is litteraly killing the whole point of having a ranking because 80% (if not more) of the people in top 30 are just there because they left against every opponent that would be dangerous for them. Otherwise they wouldn't even be in top 50. I suggest putting a 10 point penalty for leaving arenas, no matter the ranking of the opponent. Second opti…

  • 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

    Aura - - General Discussion


    @Galeas thanks for giving out best rewards from coop arena season to garbage players who keep loosing arenas but were just lucky enough to get their points bugged.

  • WHY Maintenance 30.10.2018

    Aura - - General Discussion


    @Galeas I know it is still under investigation, my question is : will you give top rewards to people who got lucky enough to have bugged points or will you add back everyone's points before giving the rewards?

  • WHY Maintenance 30.10.2018

    Aura - - General Discussion


    @Galeas what about the coop ranking? Will you do something about the fact that the ranking reset on every maintenance but not for everyone? Now on top of people who didnt get full reset we will also have people who kept their cooldowns for tuesday above us? How will you guys fix this? The ranking ends 2nd of november wake up guys. We won every single arena and thanks to your bugged system we wont get any good reward from it when we should actually be top 1.

  • Why is the 10 pumpkin bundle giving contracts and legendary ench stones meanwhile the 20/35 pumpkin bundle give nothing?