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  • Quote from Aegir: “Quote from Noctis: “Quote from Aegir: “TqA3mIJ.png 5Yz1NYT.png CkL5dxm.png Last time i try that quest.. So please, stop talking bu*llsh*its. If you dont earn money selling stuffs to NPCs doesnt mean the rest of people is not doing it. ¿You know there are ALOT of stuffs from 3.0-4.0 what its giving sh*itload of kinah? For play this game for years you dont know anything about how to farm kinah P.S: Someone should merge this post with the Feedback for Hero daily quests... have tw…

  • Buy lower sups from npc. Sell them, but them back. Done. And use the sups for yourself. Why complain. Its a free star. You can sell anything and buy back and repeat like 20x (if the item is worth 1m) and you will have the quest done. This post is from a merged thread

  • Quote from Dotori: “What in the world are you guys selling to the npc for that much? Lol. Are you buying it back?” Eternal sups from lab & other junk. and no yet it didnt update.

  • Quote from [NICK]huggyex86: “i sold more than 20kk... 2 hours ago... still nothing kRFqMyh.png” Logged in forums to report same issue. I sold like 30kk and it didnt update at all. 0/20m.

  • 1st quest. Totally stupid. So enchanting a feather is actually a mission lol. so lets say you have an enchanted feather already.. why would you waste $$ to enchant for quest? 2nd quest... Totally bugged. We can't enter elemental laboratory on friday. Today its adma. 3rd quest... the only acceptable one tbh.

  • Quote from t0re: “Quote from [NICK]alexftww: “Can we armsfuse something under that weapon once we +10 it?” not before its exchanged for the "real" item” And that happens just in 10 august?

  • Can we armsfuse something under that weapon once we +10 it?

  • Quote from Aegir: “Quote from [NICK]alexftww: “So the game is turning p2win to level up :/?” Pay to convenience. Pay to win will be if the premium users will not even get a boost XP (like from the GoldPack), at least under my point of view :cookieshugo:” Sorry to disapoint you... gold pack gives no xp boost Only boost ways are char development pack(20%) and amulets(200% xp) + bertins favor soon(stars in shop for 300% xp). All stacked its 520% boost for people paying all boosts vs 0% for normal g…

  • Quote from [GF] Mookie: “Quote from [NICK]alexftww: “Can we have this back? If possible before 5.0 xD.” This item got removed a few month ago and will probably not come back to the shop. With AION 5.0 this item will be reworked. I´ll have a look at it after the update and then decide if we will add it again to the shop or not. Quote: “Would be good to put some 5.0 skins on shop with 5.0 release, so not only we are ahead of NA in patches, but in skins aswell! ”…

  • Can we have this back? h_1469201676_1170211_3b77856595.png If possible before 5.0 xD.

  • 5.3 First Info

    [NICK]alexftww - - General Discussion


    Im guessing that means about 100m ap to fully enchant a lvl 75 ap set? And as for accesories, did they increase chances? Otherwise I cant see any reason to use abby ones over 5.1 ones with higher upgrade level.

  • Well... forums are dead indeed. As for old people playing theres still many but obviously the vast majority has quit since then. Arround 5% people I knew on 3.0 are still playing nowdays. 10% as for 4.3. While it is not much... still equals to arround 100 people (and these are just the ones ive seen on past 2 months). Anyway instead of asking just check for yourself. As for community.. 60% spanish(70% of these cant speak english), 40% english(90%+ cant speak spanish. Hell, most are not even nati…

  • 5.3 First Info

    [NICK]alexftww - - General Discussion


    Quote from cristalkr: “DB has been updated: and there are new abyss items: abyssitem.jpg” New accesories too, and they're so much better than 5.1 ones. Guess 5.0 and 5.1 will be hording ap all patch(gladly accessories don't break on enchant t_t). Can you confirm if current medals are convertible, and if so at which rate?