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  • 6.2 might bring a change in the game, but it wont bring a change in gameforge's attitude towards P2W sadly.

  • Tiamaranta eye - Permanent

    Joolz - - Suggestions


    There needs to be uber rewards on offer to make visiting the map interesting, otherwise its just people running backwards and forwards to the guards all day long and getting zerged. Pretty boring tbh. Sunayaka battles made it interesting back when the MR head piece was considered decent, thats about it. If you gonna bring it back permanently, just bring back tiamaranta entirely /doh.

  • Not much help, but it will never be balanced and hasnt been since 2009. If it was that easy, everyone will be balancing their MMOs. All you can offer is incentives to encourage people to roll onto the weaker faction, and crappy rewards currently on offer just dont make it appealing enough. Basically, you need to offer: 1) Much faster levelling (both combat level and magic crafting level), because re-rolling is such a time consuming effort. I would say 250% perma exp 2) Boost the free PVE gear yo…

  • For the love of god, please...

    Joolz - - General Discussion


    have a policy to ban persistent afk'ers from entering neviwind canyon. Im sick to the death of seeing half an alliance just stand at the base and do nothing. It really is making the game look like a complete joke tbh. This is simply not acceptable for a paying player to contend with.

  • At this stage in the game, I would just stick with Holy Apollon for PVE. Dont bother enchanting the armor, too expensive to be worth it, and you dont need enchanted armor for PVE IMHO. Just get the weapon and +15 that. All gear will be redundant when 6.2 hits so dont sweat over gearing up at this moment in time.

  • Bonus : 200% XP Perma

    Joolz - - Suggestions


    Now would be the perfect time for Gameforge to introduce perma 200% exp in light of Bless Online failing on the first day of launch.

  • Its impossible for a sorc to run out of mana on his own... In terms of gear for instances, especially stuff like LoK, GoK, MoK (I dont consider Adma ruins, Ele Lab cus they are so easy and can be done blindfolded whilst eating pizza with one hand stroking the pet cat thats just sat on the keyboard), from my own experience, 90% of time, its pretty safe to run quick entry server-wide in any of the above instances if the players are 72+. Things start to go downhill fast if you choose groups with lo…

  • Would be nice if Kumuki instance was permanent tbh. Rift of Oblivion bonus is merely the same as the non-bonus instance so is kinda boring to do that instance twice.

  • New Server-wide Recruitment

    Joolz - - Help & Questions


    I've been using the server wide recruitment feature a lot this last week and being able to enter instances without having to travel to the actual instance is really neat. Just wish there was something in place to prevent the scammer type group leaders from switching the loot distribution to leader only right before looting the boss, but thats another discussion entirely.